back on market
$ 5,500,000
Westport | 34.14 m | 2006
€ 1M price reduction
€ 6,900,000
Van der Graaf | 49 m | 2000
€ 500K price reduction
December 19, 2019
Price cut on motor yacht Sima
€ 7,400,000
CRN | 39.6 m | 2007
December 19, 2019
Motor yacht Alive sold
€ 18,500,000
Heesen | 42.4 m | 2014
back on market
€ 1,590,000
Overmarine | 31.4 m | 2007
€ 155,000,000
Amels | 83 m | 2016
€ 500K price reduction
€ 2,895,000
Riva | 26.4 m | 2011
$ 2.25M price reduction
$ 17,500,000
Auroux | 56 m | 1974
new to market
€ 3,850,000
Riva | 23.25 m | 2017
back on market
$ 1,395,000
Burger | 25.6 m | 2000
December 18, 2019
Motor yacht Chasseur sold
$ 30,900,000
Christensen | 50 m | 2016
€ 1M price reduction
€ 4,500,000
ISA | 36.45 m | 2008
new to market
€ 3,900,000
Overmarine | 25.07 m | 2018
€ 3M price reduction
€ 12,500,000
Neta Marine | 50 m | 2017
new to market
€ 6,900,000
Arcadia | 31.06 m | 2016
€ 250K price reduction
€ 1,450,000
Astondoa | 28.95 m | 2003
new to market with Engel&Volkers
€ 4,500,000
AB Yachts | 36.25 m | 2009
December 17, 2019
Motor yacht B-Juled sold
$ 3,200,000
Ocean Alexander | 26.14 m | 2011
back on market with Northrop&Johnson
$ 2,900,000
Barattucci | 34.14 m | 1992
back on market
$ 2,675,000
Offshore | 24.38 m | 2008
€ 1,150,000
Inace | 25.95 m | 1999
$ 1,250,000
Cantieri Di Pisa | 33.53 m | 1998
December 16, 2019
Sailing yacht Gitana IV sold
€ 995,000
Sangermani | 28 m | 1962
$ 2,495,000
Hatteras | 24.38 m | 2006


The New Grand Soleil 44 presented on Boot
Yesterday, at the Boot exhibition in Dusseldorf, Il Cantiere del Pardo presented the new Grand Soleil 44 Performance. This is a project of Matteo Polly, the best designer in the offshore sector, rated, which is designed to become a reference boat in the racing sector ORC. The new Cantiere del Pardo challenge is called Grand Soleil 44. To win this bid, the shipyard turned to a designer who was best able to interpret the concept of a sports building on racetracks around the world in recent years. This new 44-foot kit complements the Grand Soleil Yachts Performance range, designed for more sporty owners looking for a high-performance boat that can deliver results even in a regatta, located between the GS 34, GS 48 and GS 58. As already noted on board the Grand Soleil 48, the GS 44 will also be available in two versions: the layout will be more suitable for cruising, with a different layout of the sail and deck plan to simplify maneuvers, the other will be more Race for the best on the regatta. Style and elegance complement the DNA of this new 44-foot footer, which feels a family of other models in this line. Despite the very light and sporty body, the liveliness of the interior is surprising in how much volume you can use and perceive. Following the trends of the latest Grand Soleil Performance models, even on 44-foot deck places, both for racing and for enjoying a boat on a cruise, they are truly remarkable, the dimensions of the cabin are significantly increased compared to all previous models. Among the distinguishing characteristics of the boat is the location of the mast in a rather opposite direction, which will increase the sail area for bow sails in order to maximize the characteristics taking into account the average Mediterranean conditions. A choice that also allowed the cabin layout to be promoted and thus have a larger cabin than previous models. The interior layout includes three cabins and two bathrooms. The spaces below the deck have a generous beam that offers large and comfortable volumes: the kitchen is located on the left, the dining room consists of a comfortable sofa with a dining table in the center, which can accommodate up to 8 persons. Master-suite, with a comfortable double bed, a sofa and a private bathroom, is really large for a 44-foot case with a sporty character. To make the interior even more comfortable, there is a wonderful natural brightness that penetrates through the various windows of the hull and onto the deck.
Zero Emission Concept SY200 by Philippe Briand
Innovations in megayacht eco-design seem endless. One of the first designers to take a step forward in this direction in 2020 was a marine engineer, Philip Briand. From the headquarters of his studio in London, he presents the concept of sailing in superyachts, which puts zero-emission navigation at the center of all decisions.The latest concept from the French designer appeared after he was motivated to create a “zero-emission yacht”. This is the second concept from the new Briand family of self-contained yachts, which is on the heels of the 90-meter SY300. Briand previously described the SY200 as the "younger sister" of the SY300.The SY200 will travel in two ways: boat sails and underwater turbines, with which it will collect electricity for the 20 batteries that it will carry in its hold.According to Briand, the length of the yacht is 75 meters, and the sail is 2,000 meters, it generates more than 2,000 kW at maximum speed. To do this, he designed a helmet inspired by high-class, shorter sailboats. In particular, he emphasizes his inverted nose and central glass capsule.Ketch is equipped with a carbon fiber mast and rigging, as well as the same modern hull and upturned nose as the SY 300. Briand estimates the power of the yacht is 500 kW when sailing at a speed of 15 knots and 200 kW at a power of 12 knots."I believe we need to embrace ‘lateral thinking’ when it comes to the future of sailing yacht design. We want to work alongside owners to create the perfect renewable energy machine, using only wind, water and solar energy to run the yacht and provide an exceptional experience of peace on board and exploration of the sea.” - Briand said.At speeds of 15 and 12 knots, he expects to add 500 kW and 200 kW, respectively, which will allow him to generate enough energy on board to enjoy her 12 cabins.On board the vessel can accommodate up to 10 guests. Master-suite leads to a large terrace with a jacuzzi and four large guest cabins. The dining table with 16 seats in the cab is protected from the sun and boasts panoramic views.

New listings

Motor yacht
$ 8,325,000
Sanlorenzo | 32.2 m | 2016
Conquest of 1966
Motor yacht
€ 1,490,000
Astilleros Luzuriaga | 28.65 m | 1966
Superba 88
Motor yacht
€ 1,395,000
Bugari | 26.8 m | 2004
Motor yacht
$ 2,715,000
Arno | 30.98 m | 2007
CMB 47
Motor yacht
€ 19,500,000
CMB | 47 m | 2020