Annual Miami Yacht Show will take place on February 14-18, 2019. For the first time in 31 years, the show leaves its traditional venue at Miami Beach, moving to a new location at One Herald Plaza downtown Miami.

This year’s agenda promises to impress the visitors of the show with its grander scale. Within a 60-acre space, the guests will find over 300 yachts from all over the world and a 6,000-meter-large exhibition area. The show’s programme will be complimented with exotic cars and private jets exhibition, pop-up luxury retail and special events. In addition, a renowned contemporary art fare Art Wynwood will take place nearby.

Here is the list of the largest vessels to be found on display at Miami Yacht Show 2019:

1. Kismet (95,2 m)Lurssen

She is the largest yacht represented at the show. Kismet was built in 2014 by Lurssen. Her steel hull and aluminium superstructure contribute to interior volume of 2,700 GT within a 13,8-meter beam. This superyacht reaches her maximum speed at 17 knots and a cruises at 14 knots. She can accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins designed by Reymond Langton. Exterior design was developed by Espen Oeino.

Price on application with Moran Yacht & Ship.

2. Coral Ocean (73 m)Lurssen

Built in 1994 as well by Lurssen,  this superyacht with a beam of 12,4 meters and a draft of 3,25 meters has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Her gross tonnage makes up 1,379 tons. Coral Ocean reaches her maximum speed at 17 knots and a cruises at 16 knots. Up to 12 guests can be comfortably accommodated on-board in 6 cabins. The yacht was designed by Bannenberg & Rowell.

Asking price: € 31,950,000 with Moran Yacht & Ship.

3. Excellence V (60 m)Abeking & Rasmussen

Built in 2012 by Abeking & Rasmussen and designed by Reymond Langton Design, Excellence V features a 12,8-meter beam and a 3,4-meter draft. Her steel hull and aluminium superstructure add up to her interior volume of 1,632 GT. Her maximum speed can be reached at 16 knots, while her cruising speed makes up 13 knots. This yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins on-board.

Asking price: € 69,500,000 with Merlewood or Burgess.

4. Minderella (58,82 m)Feadship

The yacht was built by Feadship in 1986. With her interior volume of 702 GT, she features steel hull and aluminum superstructure within a 9,51-meter beam. The yacht’s total gross tonnage makes up 702 tons. Minderella reaches her maximum speed at 16 knots and cruises comfortably at 13,5 knots. Her accommodation capacity enables having up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. Her exterior design was developed by De Voogt, with her interior design elaborated by Terence Disdale.

Asking price: $ 16,900,000 with Y.CO.

5. Shadow (55,3 m)Damen

First named as New Frontiers, this yacht was built in 2017 by Damen.  She features a steel hull based within a beam of 9,25 meters with a draft of 2,65 meters. This adds up to a gross tonnage of 465 tons. With the help of her Caterpillar engines, Shadow can reach her maximum speed at 22 knots and cruises at 16 knots. There is a possibility to accommodate up to 19 guests onboard.

6.  Kamalaya (55 m)Amels

This motor yacht was designed by Tim Heywood and Remi Tessier and built in steel and aluminum by Amels in 2013. She features a 9,4-meter beam and a 3,35-meter draft with interior volume of 660 GT. Kamalaya's accommodation capacity amounts to 12 guests.

Price on request with Torrance Yachts.

7. Kinta (53,2 m)Turquoise Yachts

Kinta was built of steel and aluminum by Turquoise Yachts in 2008. She features interior volume of 746 GT within a 9,4-meter beam with a draft of 3,05 meters. She is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 16 knots and cruises comfortably at the speed of 13,5 knots. Caliari Superyacht developed her exterior design, while her interior was renovated in 2012 by J.G. Verges Design (for instance, with wedge wood flooring of a dark colour). The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in her 6 cabins.

8. Lazy Z (51,4 m)Oceanco

Built by Oceanco in 1997, this yacht features a steel hull, aluminum superstructure and interior volume of 638 GT with a draft of 3,55 meters within a beam of 9,45 meters. With her MTU engines, Lazy Z can reach her maximum speed at 17 knots and cruises at 15 knots. Up to 12 guests can be comfortably accommodated in 6 cabins on-board. The yacht’s design was developed by The A Group.

Asking price: $ 16,900,000 with Burgess.

9. Broadwater (50,3 m)Feadship

Designed by Donald Starkey and built by Feadship in 2000, this 50-meter yacht features a beam of 9,5 meters and a draft of 2,5 meters. With her aluminium hull and aluminium superstructure, she bears gross tonnage of 692 tons. Her maximum speed of 17 knots and cruising speed of 14 knots are provided with Caterpillar engines of 1500 hp each. Broadwater's maximum accommodation capacity is 12 guests in 6 cabins. 

Asking price: $25,500,000 with Worth Avenue Yachts.

10. Silver Lining (50 m)Christensen

Built by Christensen in 2016, this motor yacht has a GRP hull and GRP superstructure within a 9-meter beam. She is powered by MTU engines giving her a maximum speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. Silver Lining can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins (including two VIP suites) and up to 10 members of a crew. The yacht’s interior design, featured with panelling of black American walnut, was elaborated by Carol Williamson & Associates.

Asking price: $ 34,000,000 with IYC.

Latest News

How would a panic room on a superyacht actually work?
Piracy, an extremely rare, yet often talked about hazard in the boating space, has yielded few solutions other than armed security whilst cruising in dangerous areas. The real estate market has come up decades ago with the concept of a panic room where owners could hide in the event of an armed robbery. How could this actually work in yachting?Simon Rowland, CEO of Veritas International Consultants, indicates that while the general concern with security matters in the world is growing, it is not surprising that these issues transmit into the yachting industry. “If you go back five years, it would have been a hard justification to have a panic room on board, but now it is becoming more of a requirement,” claims Rowland.There are two significant functions that a panic room should perform. It should not only support life, but also enable communication between the sheltered ones and the outer world. That is why the consultants from Veritas company normally recommend to locate a panic room at the crew mess, and it is important to think over all security measures on design stage. It is also cheaper to equip a safe room within that area, as a lot of important facilities such as water supply and toilets are already fit into the mess room.However, the locations, where a completely secure room can be equipped, are not limited to the crew mess. Rowland reports that they have advised several clients to equip their room or bathroom as secondary safe rooms, so that they could hide themselves in case they feel anxious or if the boat is being robbed.It is natural, that most of the owners would not stay on board while the boat passes through dangerous zones, therefore panic rooms are in a greater degree a measure aimed to protect the crew rather than the owners. The yachts themselves might be comparatively vulnerable against piracy, as conventional defense mechanisms applied to many vessels do not seem that effective. For instance, many rely on razor wire, but in fact this measure would not normally prevent the criminals from getting on board.That is why the need of taking security measures on-board is becoming more vital these days. Rowland stresses, that it is much more common to have a fully equipped safe room on larger vessels of 70 metres and above, as it might be quite problematic to fit such room onto a smaller yacht. All in all, the danger of piracy or any other form of attack on a large vessel is very low in our time. Nonetheless, panic rooms have become one of the latest trends the owners would not want to overlook in their superyacht design.
First glimpse at Oceanco’s new 90m superyacht project Y716
Oceanco’s new project currently named Y716 has been demonstrated for the first time earlier today, moved within the company’s facility at Albasserdam, Netherlands. Official launch and delivery of Y716 to her owner is scheduled later this year.Photo by Tom Van OosanenNot so much information on the project has been revealed so far. Y716 is trademarked with aluminum superstructure featured with teak decks on a steel hull within a 14,2-metre beam. Additionally, her interior volume will make 2950 GT. Her top speed will reportedly be reached at 20 knots, with cruising speed of 18,5 knots.Photo by Tom Van OosanenThe yacht will be equipped with spa zones, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, beach club, underwater lights system, tender garage and helicopter hangar. Accommodation capacity will make 23 guests and up to 33 crew members onboard. Photo by Tom Van OosanenIn contrast to her 90-metre forerunner Dar, that featured extravagant black-and-white contrasts resembling killer whale colouration, new superyacht’s exterior designer Espen Oeino has limited her surface outfit to classical white colour.Dar (90m), OceancoY716 is announced to be the only project to be launched by Oceanco in 2019. Meanwhile, the company has received several design industry awards for their project Black Pearl.
Equanimity: Malaysian government to start now negotiating direct with buyers
The story behind Oceanco’s 91,5-metre luxury superyacht Equanimity takes another twist. According to Malaysian lawyer Jeremy Joseph, parties potentially interested in purchasing Equanimity can bow approach the government or 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) alongside the yachts’ broker Burgess. Burgess though retain their right to be considered an exclusive central agent. It was earlier announced, that the auction for Equanimity will take place in March 2019.Mr Joseph, who represents both 1MDB and the government, reports that prospective buyers can negotiate directly with them from that moment on. The main purpose of this decision is to increase potential sale opportunities of the vessel. At the moment, the government of Malaysia allocates $500,000 monthly for Equanimity’s maintenance, according to Bloomberg. The yacht has been reportedly remained in a good condition under a supervision of 21 crew members.Burgess is determined to sale the superyacht at a price not lower than $130,000,000, which halves her initially estimated price of $250,000,000. The main concern of potential purchasers remains the vessel’s undesirable past, that could potentially cause trouble to owners once they leave Malaysian waters, as several claims from other countries have been already levied against Equanimity. However, Sitpah Selvaratnam, consultant at Tommy Thomas Advocates and Solicitors, disproves those risks. The judicial sale would determine an official start-over of the yacht’s history and wipe out her notorious background, he claims.
Benetti sold their first Diamond 145
44,06-metre Benetti’s yacht Diamond 145 recently presented at Cannes Yachting Festival has been announced sold. The yacht is currently under construction at the company’s Viareggio shipyard with her delivery scheduled to the beginning of 2020.The project features a 9,05-metre beam and a maximum draft of 2,28 metres, whilst her full load displacement makes 362 tonnes.Diamond 145’s exterior design concept was developed by Giorgio M. Cassette, a renowned Italian architect. In general, the project demonstrates smooth and elegant lines entwining into her particularly high hull sides and elongated line of reverse sheer. Glazed surfaces dominate within the concept, implementing two important functions: they highlight the yacht’s visual length and brighten her interiors with natural light.The vessel’s interior design was commissioned to Salvagni Architetti. The main idea was to transmit the overall concept of smooth twisted lines into inner zones and open-air recreational areas and fill the yacht’s spacious rooms with light. The motor yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 cabins, coloured in light natural palette. Meanwhile, Diamond 145’s crew accommodation capacity is limited to 7 people. The master suite is situated at the main deck’s bow area and is extended to the beam’s size. The vessel offers a variety of lounge zones featuring onboard beach club at water level in the stern.The yacht will be reaching her top speed at 15 knots with normal cruising speed of 11 knots, powered by two MAN engines of 1400 HP each. Generally, Diamond 145’s range can boasts 3,800 nautical miles. Franco Fusignani, CEO of the Bennetti Group, emphasises the significance of this contract to the company’s general course. "Diamond 145 was presented only four months ago but right from the design stage we realised it was a model with incredible potential, representing the perfect synthesis of the core features of the Benetti Displacement Class across its entire history", he comments.
39-meter superyacht The Beast close to delivery
According to a recent update from Zelanian yacht builder Profab Central Engineering, their current catamaran project The Beast planned for delivery in spring 2019, has been nearly completed. The Beast has been already moved from her Palmerston North build yard, and her superstructure has been joined to the hull at her new location at Loxton beach. The yacht is now being perfected with final touches, before her release for sea trials. This 39,5-metre superyacht project features a 2,3-metre draft and an 11,7-metre beam, offering a lot of space on-board, while her gross tonnage of 493 tonnes is spread upon three decks. The Beast's exterior fully-aluminum design concept was developed by LOMOcean, known among others for their work on Echo Yachts' Charley's naval architecture. One of key design features of the yacht is her large aft deck more typical for work boats. That is why The Beast has an option of storing a full range of tenders and water toys. This enables launching and retrieving of a small custom-built sport fishing yacht (13 metre), what makes it easier to reach narrow or distant spots (for instance, remote atolls). A 9,3-metre amphibious tender and a rescue boat shall be listed among other equipment options of the vessel.The yacht’s accommodation capacity amounts to 12 guests with up to ten crew members on-board. The guests can comfortably use 4 double cabins that can be easily converted into twins and a twin cabin fit with Pullman beds. Meanwhile, the interior decoration will be designed in the owners’ cooperation with Oceania Interiors studio based in New Zeland. When it comes to open-air recreational zones, they can be found on the upper deck along with a barbecue of teppanyaki style.A pair of Caterpillar C32 engines should secure extensive cruising range of The Beast, while the vessel’s total fuel capacity amounts to 76,000 litres.