back on market with Camper & Nicholsons International
October 30, 2018
Motor yacht Shane for sale
€ 3,350,000
Overmarine | 39.5 m | 2004
$ 1,000,000 price reduction
$ 15,900,000
Sunrise Yachts | 44.95 m | 2014
on market with IYC and Burgess
€ 120,000,000
Icon Yachts | 84 m | 2020
$ 1,000,000 price reduction
$ 13,900,000
Christensen | 47 m | 2001
back on market with Burgess
October 26, 2018
Motor yacht Tatyana for sale
€ 3,950,000
Lurssen | 40.9 m | 1995
on market with Northrop & Johnson
$ 6,895,000
Azimut | 32 m | 2009
on market with Sunseeker Portugal
October 26, 2018
Motor yacht Zulu for sale
£ 6,200,000
Sunseeker | 35.05 m | 2013
€ 500,000 price reduction
€ 2,900,000
Feadship | 47 m | 1983
$ 1,500,000 price reduction
$ 14,950,000
Feadship | 46.63 m | 2001
€ 310,000 price reduction
€ 2,590,000
Leopard | 32 m | 2006
now for sale with Berthon International
$ 1,767,000
Alloy Yachts | 31.09 m | 1990
$ 1,000,000 price reduction
$ 15,900,000
Holland Jachtbouw | 42.28 m | 2010
€ 500,000 price reduction
€ 3,500,000
Benetti | 45 m | 2003
$ 3,000,000 price reduction
$ 12,950,000
Alloy Yachts | 48.62 m | 2000
on market with Ocean Independence
€ 2,250,000
Yachting Developments | 30.6 m | 2000
on market with Reel Deal Yachts
October 22, 2018
Motor yacht Elymar for sale
$ 2,595,000
Lazzara | 28.65 m | 2000
$ 400,000 price reduction
$ 3,950,000
Intermarine | 35.3 m | 1998
€ 1,000,000 price reduction
€ 3,500,000
ISA | 36.45 m | 2006
on market with Northrop & Johnson
October 19, 2018
Motor yacht Doris for sale
€ 3,900,000
Pershing | 27.96 m | 2012
$ 1,995,000
Broward | 36 m | 1995
now for sale with IYC
€ 19,000,000
Baglietto | 46.3 m | 2015
October 19, 2018
Motor yacht Mosking sold
€ 2,750,000
Overmarine | 33.5 m | 2004
on market with 26 North Yachts
October 18, 2018
Motor yacht Angiamo for sale
$ 1,950,000
Feadship | 42.56 m | 2003
€ 250,000 price reduction
€ 1,400,000
Leopard | 27 m | 2008


Billionaire's 95m superyacht Kismet spotted in Saint Petersburg
The 95-metre luxury motor yacht Kismet built by Lurssen in 2014 was spotted in Saint-Petersburg these days. According to, the yacht spent one day at the shores of Saint-Petersburg on May 15, and today arrived to Tallin. Kismet is owned by Shadid Khan, Pakistani-American billionaire and business tycoon, the owner of the Fulham FC and Jacksonville Jaguars, belonging on the list of the largest superyachts of sports teams owners. The net worth of Mr. Khan is estimated at $6.6 billion (Forbes). Meanwhile, Kismet boasts a symbolic jaguar on the bow, representing the owner’s team. Stretching over five decks, the yacht was designed by Espen Oeino with corporate entertainment and charter in mind, thus suitable for parties of up to 270 guests. The charter price of the vessel starts from € 1,200,000 per week.Copyright: Oleg Zoloto via Komsomolskaya PravdaAmong innovative features on-board, Kismet boasts video walls, extending up to two decks high, able to show regular television but programmed to display high-definition moving artwork. A large swimming pool and Jacuzzi area, spa zone, movie theatre, an outdoor fireplace and winter garden can be found among the yacht’s luxury amenities.The yacht’s entertainment and design characteristics have been attracting top artists and events. For example, Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted on-board last year, while Netflix filmed Kismet in party scene from its biggest production so far, "Six Underground".
Millennial superyacht owners: how they are shaping the yachting world
Millennial superyacht owners are on the rise, reports Business Insider. They have already caused a shift in most industries, and the world of yachting is not an exception. In order to cater the younger generation needs, yacht brokers will have to adapt to their preferences and lifestyle, while those who stick to the traditional ways of yachting will be inevitably left behind. Image courtesy: Kuznetcov_Konstantin/Shutterstock via Business Insider#1. The yacht owners will get 10-15 years younger in the next 20 years.Of the top 100 billionaires worldwide, 20% are below age 50, while superyacht owners are 10 to 15 years younger compared to 20 years ago, according to a new research by shipyard Rossinavi and the International University of Monaco. Furthermore, they are expected to get even younger — within the next 20 years, the median age of superyacht owners will decrease from the 45 to 55 range to the 35 to 45 range, according to Business Insider.#2. The mindset is changing, with the trend towards chartering over ownership.This new group of superyacht owners views yachting as "an occasional pastime rather than an enduring passion," according to the Monaco Yacht Show media packet. Still developing their business interests, self-made millennials consider a yacht as only one component of their fast-moving lifestyle.Instead of materialistic attributes of luxury lifestyle, millennial superyacht owners prioritise adventure, water sports and exterior space. For them, life experiences take priority over material possessions.For Millennials, travel is no longer a planned venture to be prepared and booked well in advance. The younger crowd prefers the freedom of chartering as it allows them to jump from one yacht in Monaco to another in Santorini without being tied to a physical boat. It is definitely a different concept from the traditional two-week summer cruise.Erwin Bamps, CEO of Emirates-based shipyard Gulf Craft expresses his opinion as follows:We are going to see a time when the traditional idea of yacht ownership starts to follow the same path as car sharing services; more convenient than a traditional taxi, and a real alternative to owning a car. The same principle will easily apply to luxury yachts. Imagine a global, technology-driven service that delivers the yacht you want, at the location you want, at the time you want, and can arrange a private jet to fly you there.#3. The Millennials' different preferences may change yachting in terms of design and selling tactics.The way people consume superyachts has changed, also reflecting in yacht design. According to the MYS packet, formal dining rooms and salons will be less evident as yacht designers turn to gyms, spa, water sports and spaces that enable open-air socialising to accommodate millennials' desires.And those who custom order superyachts are no longer requesting offices on-board, according to Business Insider. They prefer to be able to relax during their yachting cruises instead.With this upcoming wave of superyacht owners preferring to charter, yachting companies will likely have to shift their tactics of yachts selling. Most likely, they will need to make contacts with potential buyers through social media for a more immediate, personal form of communication.However, in general, all the changes should be understood as an evolution rather than a drastic change. The MYS packet stated:According to the study, millennials are going to do things differently and the product will have to be re-packaged, but the yachts will not change that much and the ownership concept will not go away anytime soon. They will want their own product like the rest of us. Things change, but human nature stays the same.
Feadship eco-friendly Amsterdam facility opened by Queen Máxima
On May 16, 2019, Dutch builder Feadship opened officially its new eco-conscious superyacht facility in Amsterdam, with Queen Máxima of the Netherlands being the key figure of the ceremony. It is the builder’s second facility operated by Royal Van Lent, brought into operation after five years of planning, design and construction.Accommodating the general trend towards ever-larger superyachts, the facility was designed for construction and refit of Feadship superyachts of up to 160 metres in LOA. With its total volume of 425,000 cubic metres, the new facility measures 38 metres in height, allowing plenty of air above the yacht’s mast array.Feadship declares the new yard ‘the most eco-friendly superyacht yard in the world’ thanks to its eco credentials, namely energy efficiency, heating by local waste-to-energy sources and LED lighting. What is more, the main building roof is covered with over 2,000 solar panels, for generation of estimated 550,000 kWh of energy yearly.The Amsterdam site will become Feadship’s fourth facility and the second one to be operated by Royal Van Lent, along with the Kaag Island yard. The two premises will share the same management by LVMH Group and the workforce of 450. LVMH Group managing director, Antoni Belloni highlights: This new facility will allow Feadship to stay at the cutting edge of innovation and continue to build superyachts that will change history.Following the opening, Queen Máxima viewed nineteen classic yachts presented on the Feadship quay and met young graduates of the Feadship Academy.The yard's operation has already began earlier this year, with a 110-metre Feadship Anna undergoing refit works at the yard in Amsterdam, while 93-metre Lady S has become the first yacht completed at the newest facility. A couple of days prior to the opening, the latest Feadship unit, a 88-metre Project 816 was moved to the new facility for completion.
Sardinia: 7 first-rate restaurants to dine in during your yacht cruise
Sitting off Italy's celebrated west coast, the sublime island of Sardinia represents a complex patchwork of Franco-Italian culture. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, with a pearly coastline is perfect ideal soaking up the sultry sun and crystalline water of the deepest blue with dream-like reefs, thriving coral beds and diverse marine life. Furthermore, Sardinia has always been at the forefront of chic Italian getaways, famous for it cultural life and cuisine. As to the latter, Yacht Harbour lists some of the best places to enjoy the local cuisine while exploring the magnificent coast of Sardinia on your yacht.Sardinia top lunch recommendations: #1. Cala di Volpe Location: Hotel Cala di Volpe Chef: Maurizio LocatelliThe Hotel Cala di Volpe and especially its restaurant is one of the most requested hot‐spots for lunch in the Costa Smeralda. The restaurant serves international and Mediterranean cuisine at the highest standard, whereas the Bar “Il Pontile” is the perfect place to enjoy an aperitif. The Sardinian decor of the restaurant welcomes guests to a delicate and refined ambient, where white stucco arches and the soft flicker of candles imitate the glittering lights strung around the harbour.As to the cuisine, the chef and his stellar team create sumptuous menu of Mediterranean specialties on a daily basis: an unrivalled selection of antipasti inspired by regional recipes and the freshest local product is complemented by fish and meat grilled to perfection over an open wood fire.#2. Petra Segreta Location: 25 min by car from Porto Cervo Chef: Luigi BergerettoNestled in the hills above San Pantaleo with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, this hide‐ away place is a must for those who love Italian and regional cuisine. The Petra Segreta resort is the perfect place to get to know a different way of living in Sardinia, apart from the jet-set life of Costa Smeralda, and to enjoy a relaxed and elegant lunch. Petra Segreta Resort & Spa is a popular gourmet destinations in Costa Smeralda. The hotel encompasses two restaurants: Il Fuoco Sacro, an elegant and refined gourmet restaurant with views over the archipelago, and Osteria del Mirto Bistrot, offering a more informal atmosphere between lunch and dinner and is only open to resident guests.Explore two different experiences, still with a common culinary philosophy wherein the freshest and highest quality seasonal ingredients produced from the resort’s own organic farm are transformed, with respect and creativity, into the chef's dishes.Sardinia TOP dinner recommendations:#1. Gianni Pedrinelli Location: 5 minutes by car from Porto Cervo Chef: Clara Pedrinelli Gianni Perdinelli is a place trademarked with elegant atmosphere, high VIP factor, exquisite Italian and international cuisine. Furniture and kitchen stylisation recalls the best traditions of Sardinia; adding a touch of class and modernity. All that makes the restaurant to a popular destination for those who want to enjoy good food in an exclusive environment. The interior design features wooden roofing, white walls and the bottles of red wine on a tray in the middle of the dining room, adding a touch of warmth and romance to the restaurant. A glimpse through the light curtains offers the view of a nice garden. A large stone fireplace overlooks the dining room, offering a variety of selected art pieces including a permanent art show of local and internationally known artists.
The exquisite food is mainly inspired by the Sardinian culinary tradition, and it is always enriched with an outstanding presentation. The best dishes at this restaurant are ravioli and gnocchetti, durum wheat pasta (pasta di busa) with red mullet and saffron, fish soup, lamb leg with myrtle, pasta with lobster. You would be also delighted by the exquisite sweets and cakes.#2. Il Pescatore Location: old port of Porto CervoChef: Franco TonelliThis stupendous restaurant in the heart of Porto Cervo designed by the same architect as the Cala di Volpe Hotel ‐ Jacques Couëlle – has a beautiful terrace giving a magnificent view over the sea. Il Pescatore offers a menu that celebrates the Mediterranean, focusing on dishes that combine flavours, creativity and lightness. The only pieds dans l’eau (on-water) restaurant in Costa Smeralda, Il Pescatore has earned itself a reputation because of its superb seafood, stunning views of the port and the timeless charm. A genuine Costa Smeralda icon, it despises of a seafront location in the heart of Porto Cervo bay, and has been there even longer than the port itself.With its seafront location, the Pescatore offers the best seafood, freshly caught with unexpected combinations for a unique culinary experience. The restaurant invites its guests to taste the best from the island with exquisite menus, respecting general traditions, though applying simple cooking methods without manipulating the products too much. Two dishes one should not miss while in Sardinia according to the chef, are Maccheroni alla Chitarra with saffron lobster as well as Fish Mezze Lune with fresh Peretta cheese, containing his favourite ingredients, saffron and herbs.#3. Cipriani / Billionaire Grill Location: 5 minutes by car from Porto Cervo Offering Cipriani's trademark exquisite cuisine, this fabulous three level villa is perched amongst the cliffs, providing you a unique and beautiful view of the Gulf of Pevero. Occupying the main restaurant space of Billionaire, Porto Cervo’s premiere nightclub venue, the restaurant is an opulent indoor/outdoor dining room, along with extensive menu in a celebrity environment.#4. Madai Location: 5 minutes by car from Porto Cervo Chef: Elio SironiThe newly opened restaurant, run by the ex‐chef of the famous restaurant of the Bulgari Hotel in Milan, offers a cuisine based on tradition and on essence of the product. In an elegant but informal atmosphere guests will take pleasure in the excellent dishes served while enjoying the magnificent view over the Old Port and the Maddalena archipelago. The distinctive signature of the Chef is the “exacting simplicity” through the rediscovering of Italian cuisine great classics, re-elaborated to value real flavours and consistency in dishes.The unlimited quality of the ingredients and the use of the traditional cooking technique make basics for the restaurant’s menu. Furthermore, the use of the wooden oven and the charcoal grill contributes to the distinctive and antique taste of the dishes.#5. L’Officina del Gusto Location: Pevero Golf Club; Cala di Volpe Chef: Stefano and Gianni AzaraThe restaurant is situated in the complex of the Pevero Golf Club offering authentic cuisine in an exclusive setting marked by a succession of colours and emotions from the stylish interior to the incomparable outdoor area. While tasting the predominantly Mediterranean cuisine guests may enjoy the beautiful view over the bay of Cala di Volpe. Born from the passion of the brothers Stefano and Gianni Azara, Officina del Gusto is a gourmet project offering high-end cuisine. The gourmet menus offer rich choice of starters, main courses and exquisite desserts. The rethinking of traditional recipes and the use of high quality local products, provides the restaurant’s international dishes with a brand new flavour.Among alternative destinations, check out our top Cannes' restaurants listing.
Oceanco triumphs the World Superyacht Awards 2019 with 107m Black Pearl and 90m DAR
Oceanco’s sailing yacht Black Pearl and motor yacht DAR have won the highest honours at the World Superyacht Awards, 2019. Black Pearl took home the award for ‘Best Sailing Yacht of 60m and above’, while DAR won the ‘Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 2,000 GT and Above’. Furthermore, both yachts took home the coveted ‘Best Yacht of the Year’ awards.Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco, comments: We are thankful to all of the team members and myriad individuals responsible for the execution of both of these yachts. Moreover, we are thankful for the trust given to us by the Owners of Black Pearl and DAR to build the extraordinary yachts that they envisioned.Launched in 2016, the Black Pearl holds the title of the largest sailing yacht in the world. Inspired by Perini Navi's 88-metre Maltese Falcon, the Black Pearl features similar structure with three rotating masts, while the yacht is capable of crossing the Atlantic burning just 20 litres of fuel thanks to alternative power sources. The Black PearlThe Black Pearl’s striking exterior was designed by Nuvolari Lenard and Ken Freivokh, while her praised naval architecture was developed by Dyksra Architects, who had also previously worked on Maltese Falcon.A combination of smart and elegant high-tech design and modernised state-of-the-art DynaRig sailing system makes the Black Pearl a unique vessel. Her hull outline is trademarked with an exclusive wave-piercing bow featuring not only graceful appearance, but also fuel efficiency.Another key element of Black Pearl's development was her solar sails, which can actually produce energy whilst the yacht is underway thanks to solar panels built within the fabric of the sail. DARThe 90-metre motoryacht DAR, with edgy exterior styling by DeBasto Design has an unprecedented exterior glass decoration of nearly 24 tons and nearly 400 square metres. Her detailed interior by Nuvolari Lenard works well with the exterior by taking advantage of the extraordinary floor-to-ceiling views from nearly everywhere on board. In addition to head-turning aesthetics and advanced technology, DAR is the first yacht to ever achieve the Lloyd’s Integrated Bridge System (IBS) notation.The World Superyacht Awards is held annually by Boat International Media. This year, it took place in the heart of London, in Old Billingsgate, with nearly 600 guests on hand for the dinner/ awards event. For other nominees, click here. This year’s winners list includes among others 71-metre Haida 1929 for the Best Refitted Yachts and 63-metre Rossinavi Utopia IV for Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 40m and Above.

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