€ 990,000
Aluboot | 25.5 m | 2005
back on market with Burgess
$ 35,000,000
Gulf Craft | 53.34 m | 2019
$ 4,250,000
Marlow - Norsemen | 28.63 m | 2016
back on market with Denison Yachting
$ 1,395,000
Royal Huisman | 37.5 m | 1983
€ 100,000 price reduction
€ 1,295,000
Sunseeker | 25.15 m | 2004
now for sale with Northrop & Johnson
€ 5,950,000
Dominator | 27.5 m | 2017
$ 475,000 price reduction
$ 8,475,000
Delta Marine | 38 m | 2001
€ 260,000 price reduction
€ 2,490,000
Solimano | 23.8 m | 1962
back on market with Camper & Nicholsons
€ 17,500,000
Heesen | 46.8 m | 2008
€ 450,000 price reduction
€ 5,500,000
Alloy Yachts | 36.9 m | 1996
€ 200,000 price reduction
€ 5,750,000
Sunseeker | 30.78 m | 2014
now for sale with Reel Deel & Denison Yachting
$ 10,500,000
Westport | 39.62 m | 2007
€ 2,050,000 price reduction
€ 15,450,000
Feadship | 52 m | 1994
€ 10,000,000 price reduction
€ 75,000,000
Abeking & Rasmussen | 60 m | 2012
back on market with Burgess
€ 25,000,000
Benetti | 60 m | 2008
€ 7,000,000 price increase
€ 69,000,000
Austal | 72 m | 2003
€ 1,700,000 price increase
€ 55,000,000
Blohm + Voss | 80.2 m | 1990
€ 5,100,000 price increase
€ 34,000,000
Devonport | 86 m | 1998
€ 10,050,000 price reduction
€ 59,950,000
Feadship | 60.4 m | 2014
June 12, 2018
Motor yacht Danush sold
€ 725,000
Baia | 24.38 m | 2004
$ 11,100,000
Ocean Alexander | 30.7 m | 2018
June 12, 2018
Motor yacht Chica I sold
€ 3,950,000
Benetti | 31.5 m | 2009
back on market with RJC Yacht Sales
$ 17,900,000
Trinity Yachts | 43.3 m | 2010
€ 600,000 price reduction
€ 6,900,000
CRN | 34.16 m | 2013


122-metre superyacht concept Aurora Borealis
Kurt Strand, world renowned yacht designer, has released his latest superyacht concept, 122-meter Aurora Borealis. Kurt Strand's inspiration for this astonishing explorer yacht was the incredible nature, as well as the rough weather conditions in Northern Norway, where he was born and raised. The purpose of Aurora Borealis is to enjoy the planet's beautiful nature from the luxury inside living space. When the weather allows, the yacht can transform into an open outdoor experience. It's designed with retractable balconies and large gates, to have the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. This gigantic superyacht is meant to explore the most outpost destinations from the Arctics to the Tropics.The yacht is 6-storeys high, has a length of 122 meter and a massive beam of 20 meter. A large helicopter pod is located on the aft deck. In front of the landing pod is a swimming pool with a retractable glass floor, to move the helicopter inside the hangar, large enough to park 2 helicopters. The yacht's aviation club with bars and launch area is part of the hangar. In case of bad weather the large gate can be closed but there is still access to the deck/pool area via 2 pantographic doors integrated in the gate.In the hull side of the lower deck are 4 fold out gates for storage and launching a huge selection of tenders & toys. In the aft is a drive-in bay area for a submarine and a 45 feet tender. The owners will enjoy a 180 degree view from the 400m2 suite with full privacy, outdoor jacuzzi, sun lounge area, gym, spa, office, library, wine cellar. Eight 100 m2 VIP suites are available for 20 guests.The yacht is equipped with cinema, beauty salon with spa, gym and even an alpine ski slope track system. The lower deck has 48 private cabins with a living area for the crew. The Yacht is designed with the next generation environment friendly propulsion system. 3 electric azimuth pods are powered by hydrogen fuel cell generators. It also has a Diesel powered backup gensets. The hydrogen technology is mostly used in the car industry but Kurt Strand want's to bring it to the next level in the yacht industry because he believes it is beneficial for the whole planet.
98-meter Aviva & 74-meter Elandess on the River Thames
Since last week London´s main landmark shines in a new light and leaves passers-by with plain astonishment. Right in front of the Tower Bridge two brand new Mega Yachts have positioned themselves for an Abeking & Rasmussen Rendezvous. A sheer impressive backdrop; the anticipation for the Monaco Yacht Show in September is rising!The first unexpected appearance at the Tower Bridge was made by Aviva. With a length of almost 100m Aviva is the biggest yacht built by the pedigree yard in Lemwerder. Only a few weeks ago she had been seen in New York. Mooring right in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York she caused quite an excitement in the yachting scene. With the Wimbledon Tennis Championship taking place in London at the moment Aviva with her full-size padel tennis court inside has chosen just the right berthing spot.Then, only three days later, the recently delivered Elandess entered the River Thames and completed the stunning scenery with her mooring berth right opposite. Before her maiden trip to London Elandess had a flying visit to Norway after she was waived goodbye by the Abeking & Rasmussen staff in Lemwerder on Sunday, 1st July.Although Elandess cannot score with a Padel Tennis Court she holds another special feature: The sub-waterline Nemo Lounge which offers an exceptional experience for the Owners and their guests: A huge glass front allows for views to life above and below the waterline.Elandess will surely be one of the most remarkable new builds at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.Both these yachts have been designed to be a floating home for the Owners and their families. We are sure that this won´t be the last time for these two masterpieces to reunite again in other waters of the world.Photos by Tom van Oossanen via Abeking
Auction of the billionaire's 95-metre superyacht Indian Empress failed
In March, 2018 YachtHarbour has reported that 95-metre Indian Empress was confiscated in Malta for unpaid wages. In June, 2018 95-metre billionaire's superyacht Indian Empress was sold in auction to pay off debts.Auction, ordered by the court has found the winner, which had payment deadline, but he failed to meet it. Iranian buyer needed to pay €43.5 million till the 5th of July and then asked the Maltese court for a 15 day prolongation, but the court rejected the request. What will happen next with the yacht is a new auction. The previous one started with the bids starting from €25 million, and just 3 bids were made during it. It's a real good opportunity to get the superyacht of this size for this price, but not so many people are ready to pay such amount of money in such a short period.The yacht was abandoned by her owner - Vijay Mallya, in September 2017. Much of Mallya’s assets in India and elsewhere have been either seized or frozen as he faces charges of money laundering and defrauding a consortium of Indian banks. Indian Empress was targeted by an arrest warrant issued in favour of Melita Power Diesel Limited for outstanding payment of €651,399. The current owner purchased Indian Empress in 2006 for $113 million. Originally built for a member of the royal Qatari family, the vessel has also been a very popular charter yacht. Indian Empress had a major €6.4 million refit in 2016, where the interior has swapped deep red and rich gold colours and ornate gilt-work and traditional carpets for contrasting woods, pale neutral colours and large impressive art. Vijay Mallya, a supposed owner of the Indian Empress denied being the owner of the yacht.
Princess yachts will launch 6 new models & show excellent sales
Princess Yachts, one of the world's leading luxury yacht builder are presenting their new 6 models : R35, F45, V55, V78, Y85 and X95, with the Y and X classes being new in their model range. Revenues of the company in H1 2018 increased over 50 percent, comparing to H1 2017. Its revenue for the first six months of 2018 increased over 50 per cent versus H1 2017. Princess Yachts’ have busy order book, with fully loaded in 2018 and 75% percent of 2019 production, with some orders in 2020. Princess Yachts' production increased by 30%, aiming at almost 300 vessels in year. The yard collaborated with Pinifarina, Olesinski and Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies in order to keep this success, as well as employing more than 700 employees, with the total of 2,900.Princess Yachts are exporting more than 90% to customers around the world.
87-metre superyacht Lonian launched by Feadship
87-metre superyacht with hull number 700 was launched by the Dutch yachtbuilder Feadship was christened Lonian. A little is known, about the new superyacht. She boasts an exterior design by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design of the Netherlands.Photo by Frank Karssing87-metre Lonian has four decks, with Jacuzzi, helipad, swimming pool and tender garage. The yacht is waiting till the mast is installed. The delivery is expected by the end of the year. More details will be available later.

New listings

Mesufish Patrol IV
Motor yacht
€ 1,875,000
Codecasa | 34 m | 1988
Motor yacht
€ 2,900,000
Sunseeker | 26.87 m | 2010
Miss Sarah J
Motor yacht
$ 2,500,000
Inace | 29 m | 2003
Motor yacht
$ 1,495,000
Azimut | 26.97 m | 2006
No Vacancy
Motor yacht
$ 1,799,500
Broward | 33.53 m | 2000