$ 10,950,000
Amels | 59 m | 1974
November 20, 2020
Motor yacht Spontaneous sold
£ 2,985,000
Sunseeker | 27.99 m | 2013
November 20, 2020
Motor yacht Escape 42 sold
€ 3,390,000
Sunseeker | 26.32 m | 2016
November 20, 2020
Motor yacht Exit Strategy sold
$ 2,995,000
Hargrave | 32 m | 2006
November 20, 2020
Motor yacht Invictus sold
€ 2,450,000
Azimut | 25.2 m | 2017
November 18, 2020
Motor yacht Revelry sold
$ 13,900,000
Hakvoort | 39 m | 2010
back on market
£ 6,250,000
Benetti | 33 m | 1967
back on market with Fraser Yachts
$ 7,880,000
Kanter | 41.76 m | 2007
November 13, 2020
Motor yacht Coy Koi sold
$ 2,495,000
Kuipers | 25.5 m | 2000
new to market
€ 9,500,000
Sanlorenzo | 36.5 m | 2015
November 13, 2020
Motor yacht Cristobal sold
$ 3,600,000
Princess Yachts | 28.9 m | 2009
November 13, 2020
Motor yacht Loon sold
$ 10,450,000
Christensen | 47 m | 1997
November 13, 2020
Motor yacht Walanka sold
€ 1,950,000
Hall Russel | 36.58 m | 1963
€ 250K price reduction
November 13, 2020
Price cut on motor yacht Dali
€ 1,350,000
Tansu | 20 m | 2009
€ 1M price reduction
€ 19,500,000
Heesen | 46.71 m | 2012
€ 2.6M price reduction
November 13, 2020
Price cut on motor yacht Samba
€ 11,900,000
Princess Yachts | 35 m | 2019
back on market with TWW Yachts
€ 1,595,000
Sunseeker | 26.48 m | 2009
November 11, 2020
Motor yacht Y4H sold
€ 11,500,000
Sanlorenzo | 37.95 m | 2017
€ 1.1M price reduction
€ 8,900,000
Sunseeker | 35.2 m | 2016
€ 7.5M price reduction
€ 72,000,000
Piriou | 76.6 m | 2015
$ 1.3M price reduction
November 11, 2020
Price cut on motor yacht TCB
$ 8,250,000
Richmond Yachts | 42.1 m | 2004
November 11, 2020
Motor yacht Georgina sold
€ 1,950,000
Sunseeker | 27.99 m | 2009
November 11, 2020
Motor yacht New Hampshire sold
€ 38,950,000
Feadship | 62 m | 2005
$ 2M price reduction
$ 10,000,000
McConaghy | 43 m | 2012


Feadship Yacht W Damaged in Fire
A fire broke out in Fort Lauderdale's Bahia Mar Marina after an 8.5m boat caught fire after refuelling, with the flames spreading over the superyacht W (ex Larisa), built by Feadship in 2013. The 57.6m yacht had gone through a major refit in the Feadship home base of the Netherlands and was delivered to her new owner July 2020. The W hull was damaged by the fire, but it was successfully extinguished by twenty Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue firefighters. No injuries were reported.Video: Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue
Ferretti Group Publishes Its Sustainability Report
Ferretti Group has released its first sustainability report on corporate operations. The document formally testifies to the Group’s introduction of a virtuous pathway to minimise the environmental impact of its production processes and yachts, promoting better and wider ranging corporate social-responsibility measures. A materiality analysis has identified the topics with the greatest impact on business activities and the indicators to evaluate them, grouping them in four areas that will be examined each year in ever greater detail and used to measure the environmental and social performance of Ferretti Group: – Innovation and luxury: yachts– Environmental impact of the production process– Value for the local area– Human capitalFor Ferretti Group, sustainability starts with the quality and excellence that characterise the yachts it builds. Which is why research and development focus on the use of high-performance, sustainable materials and reducing energy consumption. The wood used in interior design is sourced from certified forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The use of carbon fibre significantly reduces hull weight, resulting in yachts that are more efficient and consume less fuel. The research into hybrid engines and new technologies that reduce hull weight, as well as into improving the efficiency of shipyard activities is an important part of Group activity. In this sense, the ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management systems in place at the La Spezia site is the starting point for integrated management of the environmental impact of all production processes, as is the IMO Tier III certification obtained by CRN, the first shipyard in Italy to achieve this milestone, for a 62m megayacht. Also worthy of mention is the installation of the Ancona trigeneration plant to produce clean electric power, heating and cooling.Fundamental aspects are in the social sphere and include the impact on the local area, the entire supply chain and the central importance of human capital. Over 85% of Ferretti Group’s supply chain, which employs a total of more than 2,500 workers, is based in Italy and over 75% of the total economic value generated is distributed in the country. This contributes to job creation and the growth of the ecosystem of small and medium enterprises, including craft businesses, with which the Group has for years had a history of virtuous collaboration. This collaboration allows Group suppliers to develop specific processes and know-how and operate on global markets, generating development and innovation.As a result of all the measures that have been introduced, including the complete sanitisation of the production process right through to delivery, Ferretti Group has obtained RINA Biosafety Trust Certification, the first voluntary certification to prevent and control COVID infections, protecting over 1,500 workers, as well as customers. Finally, the Group has taken out an insurance policy covering all employees and providing protection in the event they test positive for the virus. This policy, which has been renewed for 2021, will be completed by another initiative to distribute 1,500 pulse oximeters to employees. “If we want to continue to grow steadily as a market leader, it is essential to address the economic, environmental and social impacts produced by our activities on the local areas where we operate. Successful sales efforts must go hand in hand with corporate responsibility,” commented Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “In recent years, Ferretti Group has reported rapid growth and development, bringing beauty and innovation to the marine industry. We work with many different stakeholders and their sustainability needs and expectations are important in defining the measures we introduce from day to day to manage and mitigate the impact of our growth strategies. For this reason, and to testify to our corporate responsibility, we have decided to embark on a formal process that has led to the preparation of our first Sustainability Report. A first for Ferretti Group and a first for the Italian marine industry.”The Ferretti Group, led by Chief Executive Officer Alberto Galassi, is now one of the world’s leaders in the construction and sale of luxury yachts and pleasure vessels, with a unique portfolio of brands: Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line and Wally.Credits: Ferretti Group
Rossinavi Has Launched the 70m Explorer Polaris
The 70m ice explorer Polaris has been launched at the Rossinavi facility in Viareggio. The yacht, previously known as Project King Shark, is the largest yacht built by this Italian shipyard. The exterior and interior designs were made by Enrico Gobbi’s Team for Design. She has elegant lines and curved details, and some features have been added at the request of the owners: a private terrace on the owner's deck and a 6m infinity pool on the main aft deck. The 70m explorer can accommodate twelve guests and seventeen crew members. Polaris is able to navigate in extreme ice conditions, including in the Arctic. She’s able to move from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the sub-zero conditions of Antarctica. The harmonious design features of the yacht show the same emphasis on aesthetics and amenities as the technical abilities of the boat. Rossinavi is an Italian manufacturer of custom steel and aluminium superyachts 28m in size and larger. The Rossi shipyard was founded in the 1970s and is located in Viareggio.Credits: Rossinavi
The Garçon Support Yacht Has Been Sold
Fraser and Burgess have announced the sale of the 67.15m Damen Garçon support yacht. Garçon was used as a support vessel for the 87m yacht Ace during her exploring and environmental missions. Garçon has a lot of space for tenders, Jet Skis, and other water toys, as well as a room for a helipad. The vessel can reach a top speed of 25 knots. The last known asking price was 24 million euros.Credits: Damen Yachts
Azimut S6 Wins the Title of Best Sportscruiser Over 40 Feet
Azimut S6 won the title Best Sportscruiser over 40 Feet at the coveted Motor Boat Awards organised by top UK magazine Motor Boat & Yachting during a virtual ceremony on January 19, 2021.The sporty coupe, designed by Stefano Righini and Francesco Guida, scored points with the jury for the balance it achieves between adrenaline-pumping performance, excellent handling and a comfortable, spacious lower deck. Also, Azimut Yachts won another important award – Azimut S6 is the best Sportscruiser over 40 feet according to the jury of the Motor Boat Awards, presented annually by leading UK magazine Motor Boat & Yachting based on ability, design and value for money in their chosen marketplace.Azimut S6 was launched at the Cannes Boat Show in 2018. The sporty pure coupe features an exterior by Stefano Righini. The bow shield, combined with the trapezoidal bow and large rectangular windows in the hull, ensures that the interiors are flooded with light, while the deckhouse’s diamond-shaped glazed surfaces give the yacht an even more distinctive profile. The interiors by Francesco Guida are decorated and furnished with a discreet, modern elegance that is both fresh and refined.This model in the Azimut Yachts sports range features an extensive use of Carbon Tech and a triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system, which translates into excellent consumption efficiency and a significant reduction in vibration and noise. The triple propulsion system not only delivers better acceleration, but also superior handling and responsiveness.Azimut Yachts is an Azimut Benetti Group brand. With its Atlantis, Magellano Flybridge, S, Verve and Grande collections, it offers the widest range of 34- to 125-foot yachts.Credits: Azimut Yachts

New listings

Motor yacht
€ 2,694,800
Benetti | 28.96 m | 2021
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€ 4,900,000
Permare | 35.2 m | 2009
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Azimut | 30.91 m | 2007
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$ 2,975,000
Ocean Alexander | 25.6 m | 2010
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Motor yacht
€ 2,195,000
Lazzara | 25.6 m | 2006