€ 150K price reduction
€ 650,000
Viking Yat | 31 m | 1992
€ 6,950,000
Oyster Yachts | 30.8 m | 2011
€ 2,490,000
Sanlorenzo | 26.67 m | 2006
new to market with Ocean Independence
€ 14,800,000
Sanlorenzo | 37.95 m | 2017
€ 3,6M price reduction
€ 30,900,000
Admiral | 55 m | 2016
now listed for sale by Burgess
$ 23,950,000
Codecasa | 51 m | 2008
now for sale with IYC
$ 18,900,000
Eastern Shipbuilding Group | 43 m | 2017
£ 900K price reduction
£ 9,900,000
Sunseeker | 35.2 m | 2016
€ 100K price reduction
€ 1,995,000
Sunseeker | 28.13 m | 2005
back on market with Bernard Gallay
€ 1,890,000
Fitzroy Yachts | 26 m | 2004
now listed for sale by Fraser
$ 17,900,000
Richmond Yachts | 46 m | 2013
€ 200K price reduction
€ 7,750,000
Heesen | 37.3 m | 2010
$ 100K price reduction
$ 1,399,000
Inace | 30.05 m | 1998
March 14, 2018
Motor yacht Reunion sold
$ 3,975,000
Cheoy Lee | 27.01 m | 2013
$ 3,100,000
Nordlund Yachts | 27.13 m | 1998
back on market with Northrop&Johnson
$ 3,250,000
Broward | 34.63 m | 1994
£ 1,25M price reduction
£ 11,625,000
Sunseeker | 40.05 m | 2014
€ 1,14M price reduction
€ 1,850,000
Vulkan Shipyard | 42.1 m | 2018
March 13, 2018
Motor yacht 10 sold
$ 21,000,000
Delta Marine | 46 m | 2011
€ 590,000
Turkish Shipyard | 27 m | 1997
back on market with Burgess
$ 6,900,000
Delta Marine | 37.19 m | 1997
back on market with Sunseeker
€ 2,450,000
Sunseeker | 27.99 m | 2009
now for sale with Northrop&Johnson
$ 5,995,000
Heesen | 38.1 m | 1986
€ 320K price reduction
€ 2,980,000
Jongert | 24.32 m | 2006


127-metre yacht Project #4
The French studio YXXI Yacht Design has unveiled their latest superyacht concept. Influenced by aerospace and car design, this yacht features all you can expect from a modern and comfortable yacht, with additional equipment that makes her unique among all others. Everything is designed to provide guests an incomparable experience with family and friends, around sea, sports and entertainment.All rooms are equipped with electrochromatic glass windows that can be automatically or manually teinted, to protect from the sunlight and prevent the visibility from outside. An elevator allows easy access to all decks for guests. Style and general arrangement of interior spaces will be adapted to customer's requests.Upper deck offers generous space for relaxation, under the sun or in the shadow of the mast surface, and a large sunbathing area. The high position allows a wide overview on the environment, and privacy at anchor or when moored in a port. The mast hides an outdoor cinema screen to enjoy movies under the starry sky. On the middle part of the sundeck, standing as one of the main features of this yacht, is the sports dedicated area. It offers a full-scale tennis court, and all equipment needed to use it as a playground for basketball, football, badminton, golf, or any other sport. An integrated folding net prevents balls from falling in the water, and can also provide protection from the sun. In the front part of this deck is located the owner’s suite, with its own spa and private terrace overlooking the yacht bow. This terrace can also be enjoyed as a closed space thanks to the sliding glass roof.On the deck below, most of the space is dedicated to 8 main guests suites. The two rear suites open on their own private terrace and spa, with a wide view on the sea. Other suites are surrounded by wide balconies, offering plenty of quiet and convivial space for relaxation. Front part of this deck is occupied by the cockpit and an exterior crew resting area. The main deck is splitted between private, living and service spaces. Rear part of the superstructure contains the upper saloon and the dining room.Wide doors open on a terrace that can be shaded by a roller sunblind, and then used as an exterior dining room or saloon at any time.The central part is occupied by the galley, food and equipment storage rooms, and other service areas.The front part is occupied by 6 additional guests suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows to offer an open view on the sea. Guests suites have direct access to the foredeck by a folding door in the superstructure.On the foredeck, the helipad features a lifting platform which measures eleven metres in diameter.When in down position, this platform is invisible and allows normal use of the foredeck for guests.For helicopter landing and take-off, the platform is in high position, giving sufficient clearance around for secured operations.A wide exterior walkway allows wandering around the superstructure.This all-round walkway makes a 200 meter loop that can be used as a running track. Below the dining terrace is the main terrace and the swimming pool, with large shaded and sunny space available. The swimming pool is 12 x 8 metres large (40 x 26 feet) and 2.75 metres deep (9 feet). Its side walls are made of transparent glass, which creates an astounding view from lower level.On both sides of the terrace, stairs leads down to the open beach club at water level. When entering the yacht, the first room is the main saloon, featuring relaxing spaces with games and multimedia equipment. Next to the main saloon is a 30-seat movie theater and a video games room. The front part of this deck and decks below are dedicated to service and technical areas, crew quarters and engine room.For the yacht propulsion, YXXI imagined 2 different solutions, each of them with 2 in-line propellers and a battery bank supplied by autonomous generators.In the first solution, propellers can be driven by both diesel and electric engines via a specific gearbox. An additional small unidirectionnal thruster is installed aft of the hull for easy manoeuvring. In the second solution, in line propellers are driven by diesel engines only, and an additional electric azimuthing pod allows silent navigation and easy manoeuvring.In both cases, at cruise speed the yacht is driven by diesel engines working at their nominal speed for maximum fuel savings and emissions reduction. At low speed, only silent electrical energy is used. At high speed, diesel and electric sources can be mixed to have maximum power.At water level, folding hull doors on both sides of the yacht give access to various guests and service areas. Port and starboard sides, the 2 most forward hull doors open on entertainment equipment never seen on a yacht before : a golf and a surfing indoor practice installations. With open or closed doors, guests can still improve their surfing or golfing skills at any time of the day, whatever the external weather. The next 2 hull doors open on the tenders room, which dimensions make operations easy for tenders up to 12 metres long. Additional available volume can be used to store all sea and ground toys. Port side, another hull door allows boarding and unboarding operations for a submarine. All needed equipment for submarine and scuba-diving activities is available in the room. Aft hull doors open on the covered beach club, with a wide view on the sea and the swimming-pool glass walls. This volume can be arranged as a saloon to enjoy the sea in calm and comfort, or as a party room at night.Next to the beach club, guests can find a fitness room, a massage room, a hair and body-care room, a spa and a sauna. At the rear of the yacht is the open beach club, with large sunbathes, and space to possibly accomodate additional equipment or furniture.
107m Ulysses renamed Andromeda
The 107-meter explorer previously known as Ulysses has now been renamed to Andromeda. This comes as a new 116-meter Ulysses is set to be handed over to her owner soon after under going interior fittings. The yacht was the largest brokerage deal of 2017 when it was sold at an asking price of $175 million.Ulysses' story starts back in 2013 when Graeme Hart, whose net worth is valued at $10.2 billion by Forbes, commissioned the 107-meter yacht (351 ft) from Kleven, a shipyard in Norway that builds commercial ships. According to designers, Hart's choice was driven by quicker delivery times, a better price point than traditional yacht builders and high enough quality standards.Capable of accommodating 30 guests in 15 cabins, the H2-designed yacht carries a crew of 40. Powered by Caterpillar engines, Ulysses has a maximum speed of 16.8 knots and can cruise at 15 knots.Amongst the yacht's key features are a 21m tender, lifted by specially designed cranes onto the foredeck, an 11m x 5m swimming pool, a large jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym and a massage room. Ulysses' garage is packed with toys from motorcycles to surfboards.Hart's newest yacht, a 116-meter explorer, was also built by Kleven and is expected to be delivered soon. Rumours in the mainstream press have put Andromeda's owner as a US-based individual involved in tech, the truthfulness of this information, however, remains to be seen.
Equanimity: the 91m yacht in the spotlight of the US Government
Earlier this month, the 91.5-meter Oceanco, Equanimity was seized by Indonesian authorities at the request of the US Department of Justice in a case that it has been pursuing since 2016. According to the DoJ, the yacht was purchased with funds siphoned from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, a statement that her presumed owner, Jho Low and the government of Malaysia are refuting.Built in 2014 by Oceanco in the Netherlands, Equanimity, one of the 60 largest yachts in the world, became the first yacht to be built to the new PYC standard, allowing her to accommodate up to 26 guests in addition to a crew of 28. According to a complaint filed by the DoJ in June 2017, the US believes over $250 million of allegedly siphoned funds were used to build and maintain the 91-meter yacht from World View Ltd, a company based in the Cayman Islands.The complaint goes on to refer to an exchange between a Hill Dickinson lawyer and a banker, referring to World View Ltd as a family trust of which only the Low family are beneficial owners of. Following the delivery of the yacht, just over €101 million were reportedly sent to the Dutch shipyard according to the DoJ.Following her delivery, Equanimity went on to be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2014, winning the title of best boat at the show that year. Amongst her amenities are an extensive spa area that takes up most of the lower deck with a steam room, beauty salon, sauna, experiential shower as well as a swimming pool. Other features include a helipad and spacious living rooms and suites.The US Department of Justice's interest in the boat doesn't, however, stem from its many luxurious amenities. Indeed, the yacht is now caught up in an investigation into $4.5 billion that were allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB, Malaysia's sovereign wealth fund set up by its Prime Minister, Najib Razak."If you look at the documents, including the Department of Justice summons, it is only an accusation on who the owner is. There is no evidence linking 1MDB to the ship's purchase." said Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak, Malaysia's communication and multimedia minister on March 5th.Amongst the individuals being investigated with regards to this case is Malaysian financier, Jho Low, the owner of the 91-meter yacht according to the United States Government. "Disappointing that, rather than reflecting on the deeply flawed and politically motivated allegations, the DOJ is continuing with its pattern of global over reach - all based on entirely unsupported claims of wrongdoing" a spokesperson for Low was quoted in Malaysian media last week according to Reuters.Following a complaint issued by the US, Equanimity was eventually seized earlier this month near Bali by Indonesian authorities. Its AIS tracking system had been switched off back on January 1st, making the location of the yacht unclear until now. According to a statement released by the captain's lawyer, he had no idea who the owner of the yacht was. "As far as the captain is concerned, what he knows is that the yacht is owned by a company registered in the Cayman Islands."
80-metre Tankoa S801 project near completion
The sophisticated design and engineering of S801, destined to become the flagship of the Tankoa fleet, is now approaching completion. Once finalised, it will provide the platform for the brand’s megayacht range from 80-88m. The restyled Tankoa S801 is based on an 80m technical platform with a 13.5m beam and a volume of approximately 2,500GT. The first section of the main deck will be full beam in order to provide the maximum interior volume for a yacht of her size. The layout has been developed on five deck levels, including the sundeck. The main deck features an enormous salon with 5 VIP suites with ensuite facilities located forward to ensure optimal acoustic comfort. The extensive owner’s apartment occupies the forward section of the upper deck and comprises the master stateroom with two walk-in wardrobes, a palatial bathroom, massage parlour, private sauna and personal studio. This is just a taste of the general arrangement of the S801, as naturally the shipyard is at the disposable of individual owners to customise the layout according to his or her wishes. Inspiration for the exterior styling, which appears to float between the sea and sky like sails in the wind, came to Francesco Paszkowski after seeing the Amerigo Vespucci, one of the most famous tall ships afloat. In fact, the various deck levels appear suspended, breaking up the superstructure and giving the impression of airiness and lightness rare for a yacht of this size and volume. With S801’s high-tensile steel hull and superstructure of aluminium and other lightweight alloys, Tankoa Yachts is setting out on a trajectory to develop a yacht that will be among the most innovative projects of its kind in terms of aesthetics, construction and technology. The engineering design, onboard systems and other technical specifications are entering the final stages. “From the early stages of the project, the plan was to introduce a different approach to the market,” says Michel Karsenti, Tankoa Sales Director. “In recent times we’ve seen a number of yacht designs that followed popular trends, only to look obsolete after just a couple of years. This project is very different. Our aim is to create something radically new based on the elegant design language of a classic sailing ship. The result will certainly be exciting but also timeless – an important consideration for any discerning owner looking to maximise the resale value of a valuable investment.”
The 6 most expensive yachts on sale at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2018
The Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 22 - 25, 2018, is one of the top five boat shows in the country - featuring more than $1.2 billion worth of boats, yachts and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers. It is truly an International Show. The event includes hundreds of Boats from 8 foot inflatables, power boats, fishing boats, center consoles, bow riders, personal watercraft to superyachts over 150’. The finest pre-owned yachts, tents full of the latest electronics and accessories, seminars and kids fishing clinics. Exotic cars, live music and fun for all. A new yachts making their boat show debuts, as well as a range of yachts in search of new owners.1. Lady Sheridan listed for sale by Burgess and Merle Wood & Associates for $43,900,000.With rich architectural styling, state-of-the-art luxuries and infinite comforts, the yacht is available for a once-in-a-lifetime charter experience.Spanning four decks, her interior offers the ultimate in luxury and style. Each room is carefully tailored to suit your needs; be it the opulent main saloon and dining room with its beautiful soft furnishings and unique works of art, the cleverly designed upper saloon which transforms into a surround-sound theatre, or the beautifully-appointed, spacious cabins accommodating up to 12 guests. Most impressive is the owner's suite which spans the full width of the main deck with its adjoining office and "quiet" cabin.Expansive outdoor deck spaces are unrivalled and offer the perfect opportunity for chilling in the Jacuzzi, soaking up the sun, enjoying cocktails at sunset or dining al fresco. For the more active members of the charter party, an impressive array of water toys is on offer.All of this is topped off by an outstanding crew who will make your experience on board Lady Sheridan a truly unique one, offering only the highest standard of service.2. Coral Ocean listed for sale by Moran Yacht & Ship for €31,950,000. Launched in 1994 and refit in 2016, Coral Ocean is widely acknowledged as one of the defining masterpieces of the late, legendary designer Jon Bannenberg. She features generous accommodations for 12 guests in 6 staterooms and is capable of carrying up to 19 crew. Much admired and often imitated, she is elegant, luxurious, sleek and understated - a true superyacht. Coral Ocean features an impressive facilities for leisure and entertainment making her ideal for relaxing with family and friends. She is powered by Caterpillar 3516 engines allowing her to reach a maximum speed of 17 knots. She cruises effortlessly at 14 knots and has a maximum range of 6,000 nautical miles. 3. Silver Lining listed for sale IYC for $34,000,000.Silver Lining is the only 2017 pedigree fiberglass motoryacht in the world market available today. At 570 gross tons, she is the largest Christensen yacht ever delivered. Along with her voluminous interior and exterior living and entertainment spaces, she comes equipped with a certified touch and go Helicopter pad with fueling, elevator to all decks, 4 generators in lieu of 2 to meet demand, an emergency Generator on the sundeck, a day head on the sundeck, a bulbous bow, ABS Certification, and 6 large staterooms.4. Sovereign listed for sale by Worth Avenue Yachts for $31,000,000.The 180-foot (54.86m) luxury superyacht Sovereign offers her charter guests expansive living spaces and luxurious amenities.Sovereign is the ultimate charter yacht. She has six stylish and comfortable staterooms with accommodations for up to 12 guests on board. The upper master stateroom features a 270-degree view. The main-deck master offers guests incredible views through eight large oval windows.Sovereign contemporary-styled main deck features a large main salon and dining area, which create the perfect space to relax on board. The upper deck is home to a panoramic skylounge with almost 10 feet of headroom. Her sundeck has incredible seating and lounge space, as well as a full-service wet bar and an infinity-edge pool/Jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. Additionally, Sovereign offers a full compliment of tenders and toys. Sovereign has been meticulously maintained to the highest standards, in order to provide the highest level of comfort to all guests on board.5. Unbridled is listed for sale by Burgess for $24,999,000. Lavishly luxurious yet effortlessly chic, Unbridled embodies the superyacht lifestyle at its finest. She is the ultimate yacht for comfortably enjoying the far reaches of the World. With one loving owner since new and an interior refurbishment in 2015, she now presents immaculately.Unbridled is a proven global cruising platform and comes with an enviable charter record. Her sumptuous interior boasts accommodation for up to 16 guests in six adaptable en suite cabins with two Pullman berths.The layout includes a full beam master suite with a private study, four oversized guest cabins (2x VIP and 2x twin with an additional Pullman berths), and a dedicated guest office that can convert into an additional cabin. The elegant formal dining room, wine cellar and one of the largest sky lounges you will find on a yacht of this size, have made Unbridled the entertainment choice of royalty.Unbridled outdoor spaces provide endless areas for entertaining. Her expansive sun deck boasts an oversized jacuzzi and bar area which is perfect for relaxing with family and friends. Unbridled highly experienced owners have fitted out the yacht to ensure enjoyment for those with an active lifestyle and also for avid divers, boasting an extensive array of dive equipment. In addition there is a large compliment of tenders and water toys accommodated in the garage, ensuring every anchorage will be enjoyed to the full.Having been lovingly maintained and adored as a family home, the owners are now moving to the next chapter in their yachting career. Inspections encouraged.6. Fortunate Sun is listed for sale by Burgess for $24,500,000.The only yacht with both exterior and interior design by renowned superyacht designer Tim Heywood, the perfectly balanced aesthetics of Fortunate Sun's sleek profile combine completely with her elegantly contemporary interior which features stunning bird's eye maple and madrona burl panelling throughout. The yacht provides spacious appointments for relaxation and entertaining both inside and on her well-executed deck areas.A formal dining room is located on the main deck, while up on the bridge deck, the sky lounge is framed by large picture windows and houses comfortable sofas and a bar area. Doors open out to the aft deck dining area which features a custom circular teak panelled table. The expansive sun deck offers a jacuzzi pool flanked by fitted sunbeds forward with a separate generous lounging area aft.The full beam master suite provides a private study and his and hers marble bathrooms, while four guest suites come with en suite marble bathrooms and offer the flexibility of conversion into two full beam VIP suites. The yacht boasts state-of-the-art audio visual and communications facilities with flat screen TVs throughout and high speed internet access. Comfortable both at anchor and underway, this proven world cruiser boasts a fastidious maintenance history.

New listings

Sailing yacht
€ 650,000
Viking Yat | 31 m | 1992
Sailing yacht
€ 1,700,000
Elsflether Werft | 36.3 m | 1990
Motor yacht
$ 3,250,000
Broward | 34.63 m | 1994
Motor yacht
€ 4,500,000
ISA | 36.45 m | 2006
Sailing yacht
€ 2,450,000
Monty North | 28.8 m | 2001