#1. Project Thunder

Length: 135m


A most eagerly anticipated in-build of the German mega-yacht manufacturer, measuring 135 meters and known as project Thunder, was launched on April 3 at Lurssen facility in Bremen.

The project’s codename derives from Leigong, or Lord of Thunder, in Chinese mythology. Due for delivery towards the end of 2018, the colossal leisure vessel is expected to cruise mostly in Asian waters. The elegant profile of the five-deck steel-hulled yacht is reportedly a creation of the acclaimed naval architect Espen Oeino. Meanwhile, the interior designer is yet to be announced.

#2. Jubilee

Length: 110m

Builder: Oceanco

Launched on February 6, the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands, the 110-meter Jubilee was delivered by Oceanco in July. The boat was ordered by the former emir of Qatar, but, following his death, she was put up for sale through Burgess.

The Italian-based designer of Russian origin, Igor Lobanov is responsible for her architecturally challenging exterior, which creates a visual effect of multi-level decks. The mega-yacht boasts a fully certified helicopter operating deck forward with a concealed mooring deck below. Viewed from above, her curvaceous lines lead aft to a large pool deck with a built-in aquarium and a substantial beach club. Jubilee can carry a total of 30 guests in 15 staterooms, including an entirely private owner’s deck, as well as a crew of 45, within her interior styled by Sam Sorgiovanni from Australia.

A noteworthy fact about Jubilee is that she was conceived as a turn-key project offered at her delivery with a complete set of tenders, watersports equipment, china, crystal, silverware, linen, loose furniture, et c.

Powered by twin MTU engines of 4.828 hp each, Jubilee can reach a maximum speed of 18.5 knots and cruises at 14 knots for up to 5.000 nautical miles.

#3. Aviva

Length: 98m

Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

Built by Abeking & Rasmussen for Joe Lewis, the 98-meter superyacht launched on January 9 became the 4th Aviva in the UK billionaire’s fleet.

This latest Aviva boasts exterior and interior design by Reymond Langton that teamed up with Toby Silverton to developed her sleek and elegant profile. The boat’s modern interior notably features a 20 meters x 10 meters x 6 meters tennis court. Her efficient hull shape is said to reduce drag by up to 20%. While she cruises at the maximum speed of 30 knots, a very special hybrid drive system allows Aviva to run at up to 11 knots, using electric motors only.

Aviva was launched on January 9. The shipyard prepared a special launching system for the new yacht. A large pontoon from Norway had been shipped in and moored in front of the new building shed. A special hydraulic platform trailer with 60 wheels moved the mega-yacht onto the pontoon.

#4. Project Fiji

Length: 95m

Builder: Lurssen

The 95-meter Lurssen project Fiji was spotted splashing down the slipway on October 27. The gigantic in-build is developed under the supervision of Moran Yacht & Ship, representing the owner, who is a long-standing client of the brokerage firm for some 15 years. According to the contract signed in 2015 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the yacht is scheduled for delivery in 2019.

The UK-based designer Harrison Eidsgaard, in charge of the boat’s exterior, gave her harmonious proportions, so that, with her solid hull and a beam of 14m, she still boasts sleek and elegant contours. The abundance of volume allows for a large beach club and a Spa area with a sea terrace on the lower deck. The bow hosts a certified helicopter landing area. The sun deck aft offers a hidden crane in the bulwark to handle an aeroboat.

The interior layout was designed by Laura Sessa studio, known in the yachting world for collaborations with Amels. The living space can best be described as contemporary modern. The upper deck aft features a walkable skylight and an integrated fireplace for cozy moments in the evening.

#5. Areti

Length: 85m

Builder: Lurssen

The 85-meter Areti, formerly known as project Sasha, was launched by Lurssen on April 10, and then delivered to her owner in July this year.

British studio Winch Design was appointed to make both the exterior and the interior design of the luxury yacht, giving her a sleek and perfectly balanced profile complemented by a traditional, yet fresh indoor styling.

The subtle cream hull in steel, along with the white superstructure with gray accents resemble her owner’s previous yachts. Areti is a voluminous boat, featuring an enormous master suite with eight spacious guest cabins. Many of her entertaining areas impose a beach-chic vibe, without sacrificing her elegance.

On the lower deck aft, one can find a Spa complete with sauna, hot tub, full depth plunge pool and experience showers. This area further extends to the beach club, which in turn, opens up to the vast swim platform. Owners can enjoy their private deck area, boasting its own Jacuzzi, forward of the master suite. And certainly Areti would not be complete without a certified helipad.

#6. Cloud 9


Builder: CRN

Launched by CRN on January 21, the 74-meter Cloud 9 made the shipyard's second largest yacht to date, outranked only by the 80-meter Chopi Chopi. 

With an exterior by Zuccon and an interior by Winch Design, the superyacht is able to accommodate up to 16 guests in a master suite, a VIP suite and 6 guest cabins catered to by a crew of 22. Focused on a free interior-exterior flow, Cloud 9 boasts over 1.000 square meters of livable space. Among the boat’s key amenities are a private deck, complete with an intimate lounging area, forward of the master cabin, and an extensive beach club with an extended platform. 

From a technical standpoint, the yacht is featured by twin Caterpillar 3516C engines of 2.680 hp each, giving her a top speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots.

#7. Aurora

Length: 74m

Builder: Lurssen

Lurssen launched the 74-meter Aurora at their facility in Rendsburg on March 14, with Moran Yacht & Ship confirming the delivery in June. Previously known to the public as project Thor, the superyacht conceived by Winch Design was commissioned back in the first quarter of 2014 through Moran Yacht & Ship.

Within her interior volume of 2.113 GT, Aurora features accommodations for 16 guests in eight well-appointed staterooms. The indoor styling is inspired by the early 1900s Art Deco era. The owner contributed to the design of the master suite, featuring a collection of antique artworks.

Powered by twin MTU engines, Aurora reaches a top speed of 18 knots and comfortably cruises at 16 knots.

#8. New Secret

Length: 74m

Builder: Amels

The 74-meter Amels project was launched on March 1 and christened New Secret. However, little information was disclosed about this highly secretive superyacht until her delivery in May. It then became known that the boat’s exterior lines were elaborated by the renowned British designer Tim Heywood, while Winch Design created her “sophisticated and modern” interior. Both designers closely collaborated with the owner, which could be seen in numerous custom features onboard, including a larger helipad on the bridge deck, or a dedicated Spa area.

Notably, New Secret isn’t available for sale, nor for charter, welcoming VIP guests only.

With a total fuel capacity of 155.000 liters, the yacht boasts a cruising range of 5.000 nautical miles at 12.5 knots.

#9. Hasna

Length: 73m

Builder: Feadship

The first yacht ordered by an Australian client in the Dutch shipyard’s history, the 73-meter Hasna was launched by Feadship on June 3.

Styled inside and out by the British studio RWD, she was custom built to her owner’s requirements. Among the atypical features of her layout is a vast beach club opening on both sides, but not at the stern. This arrangement, combined with moving the engine room forward of the lower deck cabins, allows for an 8-meter deep water swimming pool located aft of the main deck. The beach club itself includes a gym and a relaxation area accessible directly from the cabins.

Other amenities include a butler's cabin, a cinema on the main deck and a 25-meter sundeck with an interior section amidships complete with a barbecue & grill set up and a Jacuzzi. The atmosphere on Hasna is described as “beach chic”.

#10. Game Changer

Length: 70m

Builder: Damen

On February 22 Damen, the Dutch shipyard, parent company of Amels, launched Game Changer, a 70-meter yacht support vessel with a helicopter hangar.

The boat features a fully certified helideck, enabling owners to take larger helicopters on long-range flights to the mothership and land safely in a wider weather window. Lowering the helicopter into the hangar protects it from the elements, so it can be refueled and available for take-off without hassle and noise.

In addition, Game Changer has 250 square meters of open deck space for tenders and toys. The large deck crane makes logistics and handling simple, fast and safe. The 110-square-meter area below decks is occupied by a storage and a dive center. The vessel has facilities and accommodation for 22 crew and staff. It can carry a huge amount of extra provisions, fuel, luggage and spare parts.

Game Changer is powered by MTU engines of 3000 hp each, giving it a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots. The boat's maximum range is estimated at 4.500 nautical miles.

You may follow the updates on the ongoing projects and new builds through Yacht Harbour Timeline platform.

Latest News

Shark-inspired 120m Eco-explorer Concept Revealed by State of Craft
The design of MAKO with its silver colour and fluid exterior lines has been inspired by the Mako species of shark. Mako will be powered by a propulsion system that combines hydrogen, fuel cells and electric engines to be able to operate with a zero-carbon footprint. You will also be able to find battery storage system and solar panels which contribute to the yacht’s sustainable design.A key feature of Mako is a wide beach club platform for sports and activities with an aft garage door nearby for tender storage and manoeuvres. The wraparound aft deck also features a large seating area conceived as a soft “island” sunken into the teak aft deck that offers 270-degree views.Another main interior area is the "pavilion". Situated above the top deck, this space is intended to be used as an observatory, panoramic lounge, fitness studio or yoga space. Further inside the yacht is the "studio", where a double-height ceiling and large windows provide uninterrupted views and a greater connection to the sun, sea and sky and not only.State of Craft is now branching out into the superyacht industry with MAKO being its first nautical design.Credits: State of Craft
Destroyer HMS Duncan Saves a Yacht in Foul Weather
Sailors from HMS Duncan battled rough conditions to save a yacht drifting out of control into the middle of the English Channel.The Portsmouth-based destroyer responded to a plea for help from the coastguard after the yacht, with one person aboard, was reported heading out to off Weymouth with no working engine, power or communications – and in worsening seas.The Type 45 was anchored in Weymouth Bay around 5.30pm on Saturday amid trials and training following an extensive maintenance period.Despite sustained wind speeds of 30-35 knots, worsening sea conditions and reducing visibility, the ship launched one of her Pacific 24 sea boats with a crew of seaman specialists, an engineer and a medic aboard.The motor yacht in distress was drifting rapidly offshore in the wind and tide around Portland Bill and had no flares or working radio equipment onboard.The sea boat crew were about to abandon the search as conditions grew worse, until Leading Engineering Technician Jack Davies spotted the yacht’s mast in the worsening gloom.He boarded the vessel, reassured and supported the sole sailor aboard and repaired the engine in difficult conditions.‘The conditions were challenging but the team and I had the right kit, in the right place at the right time to answer the call from the Coastguard,’ said seaman specialist Petty Officer Adam Drozdowski, the sea boat’s coxswain.Medical assistant Petty Officer Tom Austin added: ‘It took real skill to put us alongside in the heavy sea without hitting the other vessel, with waves crashing over the front of the boat.‘The individual onboard was in the later stages of shock and clearly in a dire condition. I’m glad that we were able to make a difference.’After restoring power to the vessel, the team handed the situation over to the RNLI Weymouth lifeboat team, before returning safely back to HMS Duncan.‘It was really good to put everything I’ve learned into practice under some really testing conditions,’ said Jack.HMS Duncan has now resumed her trials.Credits: Royal Navy
New Generation of Ultra-Fast Clubswan 80 Racer Launched in la Spezia
Nauta Design has been at the leading edge of a four-year project that ended on 23 June with the proud launch of the first ever ClubSwan 80 racer. As well as kickstarting a new one-design class, the rocket ship is the fifth incarnation of Pier Luigi Loro Piana’s famous My Song.It marks 35 years of collaboration between Nauta Design and this dedicated owner. But it is the first time that Nauta and Nautor’s Swan have worked together. The Finnish boat builder coordinated the project with Juan Kouyoumdjian on the naval architecture, Nauta for the interior and cockpit design and Persico Marine as build partner.Exposed carbon fibre, wafer-thin mahogany veneer and artful lighting will turn the first ClubSwan 80 yacht into a super stylish cruiser. The brief for Milan’s Nauta Design studio was to give a thoroughbred one-design racer a second character as daysailer and a super sporty cruiser. It was a fascinating project from the off, with the client intent on establishing the best approach for an 80ft racing monohull. The final choice went for a canting keel and a forward rotating canard that would provide the best compromise between performance and usability. This evolved into the ClubSwan 80 one design, where the goal is to recruit further owners to develop a competitive racing circuit.“The priority was speed, performance and fun, but the owner always likes to be able to use the yacht for a cruise with the family or with friends as well,” explained Nauta co-founder Mario Pedol. “He wanted to have good performance upwind as well as downwind - a rocket in both directions. After all, the first round the upwind mark has the advantage.”Once the key design features had been established, Persico Marine was selected to build the high-tech carbon fibre hull and structures, cleverly engineered by Pure Design & Engineering. The second stage of the challenge for Nauta was to design an interior for this first yacht which took nothing away from the purity of the racing experience, while adding some welcome finesse and comfort for cruising with the family. “We turned technology into elegance, thanks to Pigi’s inputs – inside it is all carbon,” says Pedol. “We worked in the base comforts for permitting cruising use of the boat: fridge, galley, some sort of aircon and showers.”The solution was to create a modular interior that drew on lightweight furniture and fabric bags that could be quickly and easily detached and taken ashore. Almost all the interior elements can be removed, from the gimbled oven and saloon tables to the carbon-fibre toilets in the three bathrooms. Just the bench seats in the saloon are built in, serving a structural purpose and doubling as watch berths when racing offshore. Even the simple aircon system is removable.The king size bed in the master cabin can be split in two then flipped to create a twin cabin. The bed here, as in the aft cabins, can be quickly unfastened and removed entirely for racing. Lighting was a major part of the design, which includes spot lighting and about 100 m of LED strings, mostly concealed inside the removable furnishings. In total it added just 4.5kg to the boat, after Nauta conducted a detailed analysis of the impact of different wattages. “Lighting was a massive topic on this boat,” says Martino Majno, sales and project manager. “Being a black hull, we’ve really played with three separate levels of lighting, starting with those needed just for racing, with discrete red lighting for night racing. For cruising, there are longitudinal indirect rope lights. We also played with functional, architectural lighting – focused on some specific areas.” “Mahogany veneer is used sparingly around spotlights and in strips throughout the accommodation to provide a touch of elegance, and a welcome gleam that contrasts with the carbon fibre. “Mahogany highlights are one of the client’s signatures,” says Pedol. “The boat also showcases laminated linen counters and tables – where flax fibres are laminated into resin”. Pedol says of the design: “It has been a real four-way project with our great friend Pigi. Since 1986 and our first My Song design, we have shared the love for both racing and enjoying life at sea in general!”Nautor’s Swan was founded in 1966 in Pietarsaari, Finland. The builder entered the superyacht market in 1999. Since then, the yard has continued building high-performance sailing yachts in three different lines; ClubSwan, Swan Yachts and Maxi Swan Yachts.Credits: Nauta Design
55m Al Waab Celebrates Triple Win at 2022 Boat International Design and Innovation Awards
This year Design & Innovation Awards were held in person in Milan on 22 June. Al Waab scoops triple win. Coming in just below the 500 gross-tonnage mark, despite a generous length of 55m, Vripack-designed Al Waab, built by Alia Yachts, scooping ‘Outstanding Exterior Design, Motor Yachts 40m to 59.9m’, ‘Best Interior Design, Motor Yachts 499GT and Below’ and ‘Best Naval Architecture, Displacement Motor Yachts’, the judges singled Al Waab out for her holistic interior, exterior and naval architecture. It’s a design approach that Vripack has long championed and places Al Waab at the forefront of yacht design.“Al Waab pulled ahead as a solid, smart design that’s slightly more efficient than its fellow nominees,” commented the judges. “Further tipping the balance in her favor was the holistic element of her naval architecture, exterior styling and interior arrangement.”Commenting on the awards wins, Vripack’s co-creative director Bart M. Bouwhuis, says: “Since 1961, Vripack’s design ethos has been underpinned by our holistic vision. Creating world-class interior and exterior designs that are conceived with expert naval architecture in mind not only delivers a yacht that comprehensively answers an owner’s brief, but one that gains worldwide industry recognition too.” Al Waab was delivered in 2021 for an owner, represented by SF Yachts, who sought a family home at sea. Despite her generous volume and a top speed of 13.5-14 knots, Al Waab’s twin Caterpillar C18 (725hp/533 kW) diesel engines burn 35% less fuel than similar-sized yachts. The Dutch design firm Vripack’s expertise comes to the fore with an optimized interior that accommodates a split-level master suite forward, six large cabins and a glass-walled convertible gym-cabin aft. Key design features include multiple drop-down terraces – with two in the master suite – a luminous glass staircase that connects the three decks, and a ‘breakfast nook’ where the family can share a convivial morning meal together. On the exterior, 286 sq. m of deck space gives a life outdoors. Inside, a natural, muted color scheme is accented with eye-catching details, such as a glittering gold-studded acrylic bulkhead, floor-to-ceiling windows and the advanced use of indirect lighting to seamlessly transition the yacht interior from day to night mode.Alia Yachts was founded in 2008 by Gokhan Çelik and Omer Koray. Located in the port of Antalya on the beautiful Turkish Riviera, Alia Yachts shipyard currently occupies approximately 8,000 sq. m, including three construction halls with their suites of specialist workshops and a dedicated interiors facility. With an additional 16,000 sq. m under development for 2019, Alia Yachts will rank among the top facilities in the region.​​Vripack is a yacht-design studio with a portfolio that represents over 7400 designs, made strong through its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience. From the moment they opened their doors in 1961, Vripack studio’s approach to design has been governed by the playful interaction between form and function.Credits: Vripack
The Yacht Design and Innovation Hub Merges with Designer Gallery at MYS
This September 2022, the Monaco Yacht Show organizers will extend the area of the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub to integrate the long-standing exhibitors of the Designer Gallery under one single exhibition.Launched at the 2021 MYS, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub complemented the show’s historical Designer Gallery. The MYS aims to offer the next generation of yacht owners a one-of-a-kind visit experience into the world of superyacht design and future trends.Regular attendees or first-time visitors will reach the docks of Virage Chiron to meet about 25 yacht designers on their stands alongside the quay (ex-Designer Gallery located up to that point on Quai des Etats-Unis) and inside the 200 sq.m exhibition tent.Visitors will also attend the live presentations that will be hosted in collaboration with SuperYacht Times on the brand-new 100 sq. m conference room on the first floor. Designers will share their insights about current and future trends, innovative solutions in design or sustainable projects (up to 20 conferences over the 4 days of the show).This year the Monaco Yacht Show will be held from September 28 to October 1.Credits: MYS