€ 300K price reduction
€ 3,950,000
ISA | 36.45 m | 2007
January 30, 2023
Motor yacht Gitana sold
$ 14,450,000
Feadship | 48.18 m | 1997
$ 8,600,000
Viking | 24.54 m | 2018
back on market
€ 7,950,000
Mengi Yay | 40.05 m | 2010
January 25, 2023
Sailing yacht Silencio sold
€ 13,500,000
Perini Navi | 49.8 m | 2001
back on market
€ 1,750,000
Astondoa | 29.44 m | 2001
€ 600K price reduction
€ 3,000,000
Wally | 28.54 m | 2005
back on market
$ 13,450,000
Palmer Johnson | 45.7 m | 2010
€ 450K price reduction
€ 5,500,000
Arcadia | 25.99 m | 2020
back on market
€ 155,000,000
Oceanco | 88.5 m | 2015
$ 1.8M price reduction
$ 3,950,000
Palmer Johnson | 39.01 m | 2000
€ 300K price reduction
€ 4,950,000
Riva | 26.84 m | 2017
back on market
$ 46,000,000
Feadship | 62.33 m | 2000
January 16, 2023
Motor yacht Emotion 2 sold
€ 9,500,000
CRN | 42.61 m | 2009
€ 500K price reduction
€ 8,450,000
Hall Russel | 42.9 m | 1964
new to market
€ 13,500,000
Cantiere delle Marche | 33.4 m | 2018
€ 56,400,000
Turquoise Yachts | 72.6 m | 2012
back on market
$ 4,750,000
Benetti | 30.23 m | 2007
$ 1.75M price reduction
$ 29,750,000
Westport | 50 m | 2011
$ 1.4M price reduction
December 22, 2022
Price cut on motor yacht Hom
$ 14,500,000
Benetti | 44.2 m | 2011
December 16, 2022
Motor yacht Zarania sold
$ 11,950,000
Numarine | 32.5 m | 2020
$ 6,400,000
Palmer Johnson | 38.1 m | 2003
December 15, 2022
Motor yacht Pure Bliss sold
$ 17,500,000
Burger | 43.89 m | 2006
December 15, 2022
Motor yacht Pico sold
$ 4,750,000
Ocean Alexander | 27.46 m | 2014


Arcadia Yachts Sells Two New Units, Order Book Exceeds €30M
Arcadia Yachts continues to make waves in the luxury yacht industry with the recent sale of two new units, including the brand's latest project, the A96, and the beloved Sherpa 60 model. These sales contribute to an order book exceeding 30 million euros, with multiple yachts set to be delivered between now and summer 2024.The allure of Arcadia Yachts lies in its eco-sustainable approach and the promise of a slow cruising experience that fosters a deep connection with nature. Offering spaces characterized by unparalleled comfort and flexibility, the brand appeals to a new generation of yacht owners seeking a modern and mindful way to enjoy the sea.The recent sales success underscores Arcadia Yachts' commitment to innovation and excellence. The A96, which debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival, introduces a groundbreaking concept of wellbeing at sea, while the Sherpa 60, celebrated for its remarkable flexibility, continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.Ugo Pellegrino, CEO of Arcadia Yachts, expressed pride in the brand's achievements, noting that the total value of the upcoming deliveries amounts to approximately 30 million euros. This milestone reflects the brand's unique market positioning, innovative approach, and strong commercial partnerships across the globe.The company's futuristic production facilities in the Gulf of Sorrento, which generate 70% of their electricity, are bustling with activity as construction progresses on several new yachts. Advanced negotiations are underway for the sale of additional units, including the sixth Sherpa 80, the nineteenth A85, and another Sherpa 60, all slated for delivery in time for the Mediterranean season. These vessels will provide clients with the opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes of Capri, Positano, and Amalfi in unparalleled luxury and style.Arcadia Yachts is based in Naples, Italy. Since 2008, Arcadia Yachts has been building semi-custom luxury composite yachts and has succeeded in perfectly integrating artisanal craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and to the surrounding environment. The Arcadia Yachts fleet has included two ranges since September 2016. The shipyard’s first and most characterizing range is the A range, which includes four models (A85, A85s, A105 and A115). The Sherpa range has a new model, the 24m Sherpa XL, which was launched at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. The new model, A96, debuted at 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival.Credits: Arcadia Yachts
Numarine Turns Hull of New 40MXP Superyacht and It's on Track for 2025 Delivery
Numarine has reached a significant milestone in the construction of its latest superyacht, poised to become the new flagship upon its launch in 2025. The hull of the eagerly anticipated 40MXP project has been successfully turned and transported to the shipyard for the next phase of outfitting.Murat Şen, General Manager of Numarine, expressed his satisfaction with the project's progress, stating, "It's a big milestone for our new model's construction, and I'm happy to confirm we're on track with the delivery in 2025 as initially planned." He also noted the enthusiastic response from the market, with three 40MXP hulls already sold ahead of the inaugural launch, marking a significant success for the shipyard.Remaining true to Numarine's hallmark style and DNA, the 40MXP embodies the brand's ethos of high-volume, low-hassle, and long-range capabilities while introducing innovative design features to enhance the onboard experience and strengthen the connection with the sea.The 'MXP' designation, signifying 'Mediterranean Explorer,' reflects the yacht's focus on the beach-club lifestyle synonymous with Mediterranean cruising. As an evolution of the popular 37XP model, the new 40MXP offers exciting enhancements, including an expanded aft deck resulting from its two-meter increase in length and the relocation of the aft sliding doors to the saloon forward by three meters.This enlarged area accommodates a spacious alfresco dining space, a stylish bar, and a lounge area surrounding a striking new addition—an aft pool with a glass transom. Serving as a captivating social hub, this outdoor oasis extends to a massive hydraulic swim platform spanning the yacht's impressive 8-meter beam.Moreover, the 40MXP offers versatile options for shade, with the choice of an awning or the inclusion of short or long upper deck extensions to provide relief from the sun's intensity, catering to various climates and preferences worldwide.Numarine, a European high-performance motor-yacht shipyard headquartered in Istanbul, offers a range of yachts from 19 to 45 meters.Credits: Numarine
The Italian Sea Group Sells First Admiral Quaranta
The Italian Sea Group announced the sale of the inaugural Admiral Quaranta motor yacht, marking a significant milestone shortly after the debut of this innovative series.Developed through a collaboration between The A Group, based in Monaco, and The Italian Sea Group Centro Stile, this project represents a pivotal move in the group's strategic expansion.Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group, expresses gratitude for the partnership with The A Group, emphasizing how it facilitated the creation of a 40-meter yacht that encompasses the layout and comfort features typically associated with larger vessels. He highlights the project's success as a result of synergizing expertise in design, quality, and innovation, all of which are deeply embedded in the company's DNA.Richard Hein of The A Group echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the collaborative effort that birthed the Admiral Quaranta. He underscores the significance of crafting a timeless design on a 40-meter platform, setting a pioneering precedent in the industry.The exterior design of the Admiral Quaranta is characterized by a contemporary and modern aesthetic, striking a balance between sleek lines and pronounced contours. This approach lends the yacht an elegant and timeless allure, free from unnecessary extravagance.Internally, the focus shifts to a sporty and youthful elegance, harmonizing with the exterior styling. Soft curves, sumptuous surfaces, and intricate details combine to create an atmosphere of warmth, relaxation, and understated luxury.In line with a commitment to eco-sustainability, the aluminum hull is designed to minimize fuel consumption, aligning with modern environmental standards.The sale of the first Admiral Quaranta motor yacht not only signifies a milestone for The Italian Sea Group but also heralds a new era of innovation and excellence in the world of luxury yachting.The Italian Sea Group is a global operator in the luxury yachting industry, listed on Euronext Milan (“EXM”) and active in the construction and refit of motor yachts and sailing yachts up to 140 meters. The Company, led by Italian entrepreneur Giovanni Costantino, operates on the market with the brands Admiral, renown for elegant and prestigious yachts, Tecnomar, Perini Navi, and Picchiotti; the Company has a business unit, NCA Refit, that manages the maintenance and refit services for yachts and mega yachts with a length over 60 meters. Credits: The Italian Sea Group
Ocean Independence Achieves Unprecedented Success with Eight Sales Across Three Continents
In a remarkable feat defying recent market trends, Ocean Independence has made waves in the yacht sales industry by closing the sale of eight luxury yachts across three continents within just over a month. This outstanding achievement underscores the company's expansive global reach and unparalleled ability to surpass market expectations, reflecting the trust and expertise it has garnered worldwide.Despite the challenges posed by the current market landscape, Ocean Independence's recent accomplishment showcases its adeptness in navigating diverse markets and fulfilling the varied requirements of clients worldwide. From emerging yachting markets in Hong Kong to established hubs in North America and the Mediterranean, Ocean Independence's ability to close such a significant number of sales highlights its exceptional position in the industry.The range of yachts sold, both recently and throughout Ocean Independence's history, underscores the company's versatility in catering to a wide spectrum of client preferences. Each vessel represents a unique blend of style, performance, and comfort, demonstrating Ocean Independence's unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every transaction.Amidst the backdrop of a more buoyant market, characterized by an upswing in sales activity, Ocean Independence's achievement signals an opportune moment for prospective buyers and sellers alike. With increasing demand and market fluidity, stakeholders in the yachting community are encouraged to seize the moment and explore opportunities for investment and acquisition.The following yachts were among those sold in the past month:BouchonA timeless masterpiece crafted by Trinity Yachts, boasting impressive performance and luxurious amenities.Pipe DreamA stunning example of the Westport 130 series, ideal for island-hopping adventures in the Bahamas or Caribbean.Blu Built by Benetti, Blu combines sleek design with spacious accommodations and impressive cruising capabilities. AdytumA Royal Hakvoort beauty renowned for its exploration capabilities and timeless elegance.Lady Marisa A unique creation by Monte Carlo Yachts, showcasing Ocean Independence's adaptability and expertise.Princess M A flagship model for Princess Yachts, presenting impeccable condition and unparalleled luxury.ImpetuousA prime example of Dutch craftsmanship, meticulously maintained and updated for modern voyages. Humble & HungryCrafted by Pershing Yachts, Humble & Hungry combines high performance with luxurious living, making it one of the fastest yachts on the water today.Credits: Ocean Independence
eD-TEC Unveils Off-Grid Luxury Villas with Electric Boating in Croatia
eD-TEC, the pioneering e-solutions company known for its groundbreaking eD-QDrive electric drivetrain for boats, has revealed plans for a groundbreaking waterfront development in Croatia. The project, set to redefine luxury living, encompasses a collection of five ultra-luxe villas powered entirely by solar energy, offering off-grid living for 365 days a year.Located on the picturesque Prokljan Lake in Croatia's stunning Dalmatia region, these villas represent a bold step towards sustainable living and e-solutions. Each villa, boasting over 480 square meters of living space and a pool terrace of more than 130 square meters, is designed to offer unparalleled comfort and style while overlooking the serene waters.But what sets these villas apart is their commitment to eco-sustainability. Powered by solar energy and equipped with cutting-edge batteries for energy storage, the villas ensure minimal environmental impact while providing all the modern comforts of luxury living. From cooling and heating to ventilation, every aspect of villa life is powered by renewable solar energy, ensuring year-round comfort.In addition to their eco-friendly features, each villa comes complete with its own eD-32 c-Ultra high-performance electric RIB, allowing residents to enjoy silent and emission-free thrills on the lakes, fjords, and coastline surrounding the villas.The development is part of eD-TEC's broader vision to create Croatia's first SMART area, a CO2-neutral tourism destination that anticipates future green regulations and aligns with the Paris 2050 agreement. Dubbed the eD-BAY, this initiative includes solar villas, SMART routes, and a network of fast-charging points for electric vehicles on both water and land."We believe that sustainable living should not compromise luxury and comfort," says Michael Jost, founder of eD-TEC. "With our off-grid villas and electric boating options, we aim to offer residents a truly immersive and eco-conscious lifestyle experience."The villas, available for purchase with customizable layouts and finishes, are expected to be completed by winter 2025/26. With their innovative design and commitment to sustainability, these villas represent a new era of luxury living in harmony with nature.Credits: eD-TEC

New listings

Custom Line Navetta 42
Motor yacht
€ 22,500,000
Custom Line | 41.8 m | 2023
Motor yacht
€ 5,500,000
Azimut | 25.22 m | 2020
Motor yacht
€ 22,950,000
Benetti | 40.08 m | 2021
Project X
Motor yacht
€ 160,000,000
Golden Yachts | 87.6 m | 2022
Motor yacht
€ 3,350,000
Overmarine | 33.28 m | 2007