New to market
1 750 000 €
Hakvoort | 28.5 m | 1995
April 7, 2016
Poseidon sold
3 375 000 €
Moonen | 26.61 m | 2003
13% reduction
April 7, 2016
Price reduction on Aegir
3 895 000 €
Carbon Ocean Yachts | 25 m | 2010
New C.A.
6 690 000 $
Cheoy Lee | 38 m | 2003
23% reduction
6 000 000 €
Bilgin | 37 m | 2010
29 000 000 $
Lamda | 72.4 m | 2005
2.5% reduction
18 900 000 €
Benetti | 41.93 m | 2014
New to market
March 29, 2016
Viceroy listed for sale
4 500 000 $
Azimut | 29.86 m | 2010
11% reduction
March 29, 2016
Price reduction on Andros
3 450 000 €
Aluship | 23.9 m | 2014
March 29, 2016
White Gold sold
865 000 £
Sunseeker | 25 m | 2006
45% reduction
850 000 €
Jongert | 28.77 m | 1992
New to market
26 900 000 $
Benetti | 56 m | 2005
New to market
March 29, 2016
Dragon listed for sale
11 500 000 $
Palmer Johnson | 41.2 m | 2007
23% reduction
March 22, 2016
Price reduction on Sejaa
995 000 $
JFA | 25.13 m | 2002
2 700 000 €
Broward | 33.53 m | 2004
6 000 000 €
Camper & Nicholsons | 37 m | 1930
March 22, 2016
Carcharias sold
5 950 000 €
Pershing | 35.4 m | 2007
March 22, 2016
Acquaviva sold
1 260 000 €
KSE - Montofino | 24.99 m | 2001
6% reduction
7 450 000 $
Westport | 39.62 m | 2004
7% reduction
12 995 000 $
Christensen | 44 m | 2002
New to market
March 18, 2016
Evnike listed for sale
2 950 000 €
Lowland Yachts | 32.5 m | 1996
5% reduction
5 400 000 $
Princess Yachts | 29 m | 2010
New to market
15 950 000 €
Admiral | 44.8 m | 2014
New C.A
March 18, 2016
I Nova for sale with IYC
26 950 000 €
Cosmo Explorer | 50 m | 2013


Inside Amadea the 106-meter Lürssen super-yacht
Amadea has a surprisingly detailed finish, built to the standards of a yacht of this size. Since the first cutting of steel, delivery took only 31 months.Made of Lürssen steel and aluminum, Amadea was delivered in 2017.The technical capabilities of the yacht were based on an existing project - Quantum Blue, launched in 2014.Interior designer François Zuretti combines grandeur with the intimate: hand-painted Michelangelo's clouds on the ceiling above the dining table; or dozens of warm organic tones delivered through whiskey with highlight, brandy and rum in clear bottles.Art deco interiors were created together with the Dutch artist Willem Lenssinck.According to François Zuretti, the Owner requested an authentic classic presentation with the integration of 18th century classic furniture.The interior of the main deck contains a hand-painted Pleyel grand piano, leather-wrapped walls and a dining table.The Øino layout offers plenty of recesses for seating and great sea views through drop-down legs.The main deck bar is part of the impressive double-height atrium.The dining room seats up to 24 people in space and is decorated with fern vines.Another key part of this boat's attraction is the way space was shared.On the owner’s deck there is a personal account. Zuretti gave it the magnificent atmosphere of a private room with an old printed armchair and a hand-painted world map on the ceiling.The yacht has a small conference room on the lower deck near the guest landing area next to the wine cellar.The deck of the owner has all the functions that can be expected from such a large yacht: dressing room, bathroom with a decorative bathtub, slightly sunk into the floor, a beauty salon and a gym.The interior is made of marble, rare wood, inlaid stone and wood.Among the many elements of the Amadea's impeccable interior, the hand-painted Pleyel grand piano stands out. All equipment, from pedals to hinges, is made of 24 carat gold. Vines and flowers, hand-painted on the tool body, were made by the main artist Pierre-Francois Battisti.On the deck of 20,000 watts of built-in speakers, as well as lamps and lasers for showing movies.The helipad can take off take-off weight of up to 3.5 tons (Agusta 109 or EC135), equipped with a glide path indicator.
Shipyards pioneers in the supply of large yachts: Nobiskrug and Benetti
Lurssen, Oceanco, Feadship, Nobiskrug and Benetti- pioneers in the stable supply of large yachts.A significant Nobiskrug project is the 142.8-meter S / YA, the largest supporting sailing yacht built for Andrei Melnichenko.Work on the project began in 2008. Then eight designers were invited to present their versions of the world's largest sailing yacht. The Frenchman Jacques Garcia won the competition, but later, due to concerns about progress in the development of the project, the customer decided to change the designer. So Philip Stark joined in on Sailing Yacht A.The three-masted sailing-motor yacht "A" has a maximum length (LOA) of 142.81 meters, a maximum width of 24.88 meters, an 8-meter encapsulated keel and a displacement of approximately 14,224 tons.To bring together such unusual architectural and design ideas. The choice fell on the Nobiskrug yard in Germany.The Dutch company Dykstra Naval Architects acted as developers of the hull and keel. The designer of three huge 91-meter masts was Magma Structures from the UK, with Future Fiber from Valencia creating the geeks for them and the sails from Doyle Sails from the USA.The massive hull and superstructure of the yacht are made of steel; to reduce weight, some of their elements are made of carbon fiber.From the significant projects Benetti should point out the 108-meter IJE, delivered in 2019 for the Australian billionaire James Packer.Benetti IJE - one of three yachts more than 100 meters high, built at the same time at the shipyard in Livorno, has a balanced and timeless exterior designed by the British studio RWD.The open spaces on board cover more than 1000 square meters and feature luxury items such as a separate outdoor dining area on the owner’s deck and a large family dining table on the main deck. There is also a 1.5-meter fire pit on the bridge deck.The interior was designed by Benetti's own interior design department. The apartments can accommodate up to 22 guests, there is also room for a team of 29 crew members.IJE can cover up to 6,500 nautical miles with its 345,000-liter fuel tank and reach a top speed of up to 18.5 knots using its two powerful MTU dual engines, each with 2880 kW. The yacht is also equipped with an Schottel Stern SPJ electric pump.
Timeline of the superyacht market from mid-2000 to the present
Owning superyachts is often seen as one of the first luxuries in difficult financial times.The US is experiencing the longest growth period in its market history, and some UHNWIs have begun to show more cautious buying behavior.At the moment, we can see how today's market is different from the structure that existed before 2008, and whether recession signals can be seen in the superyacht industry.In 2007, superyachts would be among the 100 largest in the world if they were above 65 meters. Ten years later, this metric increased to 85 meters in length and almost doubled when viewed from the point of view of gross tonnage.In the mid-2000s, the space for yachts by 40-60 meters really flourished, and the shipyards increased their orders annually. Speculators bought a new assembly in order to turn it around with a mark-up before it was delivered.In 2008, this market dynamics collapsed, as both orders for new buildings were canceled, and the brokerage market fell, reducing prices by more than half in a few years. Currently, there are more than 50 yachts more than 100 meters long, which is twice as much as it was on the water ten years ago. The world yacht fleet is now even bigger than ever. In the event of an economic downturn, it is unclear who, if anyone, wants to buy less fashionable and old yachts in order to keep them in working condition, given the high annual costs. This is especially worrying for GRP yachts, which cannot be used as steel or aluminum cans for parts.Regardless of whether a recession will occur, it goes without saying that on its current trajectory the yacht space is set up for further consolidation. In the event of a recession, this path is likely to be accelerated only through cheaper mergers and acquisitions.
68 m Soaring - first marine trials
Motorboat Soaring, Abeking & Rasmussen's new 68.2-meter superyacht.In the coming weeks, shipyard and client teams will test Soaring navigation and safety systems in the North Sea, and then transfer the ship to their owner in April.<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>The elegant exterior and modern interiors of the project are the design work of the German studio Focus Yacht Design. They can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins, including a master suite on the aft upper deck and an additional five cabins on the main deck. On the owner’s deck there is also a library and a private aft deck with seating areas.<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>The upper deck of Soaring has a master suite with a private owner's aft deck and library. The remaining 5 guest yacht cabins will be located on the main deck and served by a team of 17 people.
Large Yacht Pioneers Shipyards: Oceanco
Lurssen, Oceanco, Feadship, Nobiskrug and Benetti- pioneers in the stable supply of large yachts.One of the landmark projects can be considered a 6-meter sailing yacht Black Pearl. This is the largest sailing yacht in the world, built at Oceanco for Oleg Burlakov.The 106-meter-long Black Pearl yacht, built by Oceanco, codenamed Project Solar, is able to cross the Atlantic, burning just 20 liters of fuel thanks to alternative energy sources.Inspired by the 88-meter-long Maltese falcon, built by Perini Navi for the late venture capitalist Tom Perkins in 2006, the Solar project began when Ken Freyvoha, the owner of the contract, signed a contract with the designer for style design and development on July 7, 2010. This initially led to a 96-meter preliminary concept, code-named Nautilus.Built as Project Y712 and often referred to as Project Solar, the internal structure and layout of the S / Y Black Pearl was originally created by Ken Freivoch and then refined by the owner, working closely with designer Gerard Willatt.Also, Oceanco's project, built for Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys, is the 109-meter Bravo Eugenia.The Bravo Eugenia 109 m / 357 ft project was launched in 2018. Bravo is a prime example of a new wave of promising Oceanco yachts.Lateral Naval Architects worked on the architecture of the yacht, Nuvolari Lenard and Reymond Langton Design were involved in the exterior design and layout.Bravo is not like any previous Oceanco. She is Oceanco's first company to use the LIFE design (elongated, innovative, economical, environmentally friendly).

New listings

Motor yacht
$ 5,500,000
Sanlorenzo | 26.76 m | 2018
Motor yacht
$ 10,999,000
Sanlorenzo | 34.14 m | 2018
Sunseeker Predator 72
Motor yacht
€ 790,000
Sunseeker | 22.25 m | 2009
Motor yacht
€ 8,000,000
Pershing | 28.14 m | 2018
Silent 80
Motor yacht
Price on request
Silent Yachts | 24.28 m | 2020